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Extended Loan Periods

The Senior Project loan permits seniors (as defined by the Registrar) to borrow library materials for a full semester; thus, materials checked out in the fall semester will be due in mid December and materials checked out in the spring semester will be due in mid May. See a librarian if regular items you check out do not show this extended due date. Extended loans do NOT apply to ConnectNY or Interlibrary Loan books or reserves materials and books from our browsing collection.

Senior Carrels

Senior Carrels are assigned by a lottery held every year in the beginning of the Fall semester. Seniors receive e-mails with the details in August, and information is posted on the library’s website. To participate in the lottery, a senior should be working on a text-based, research project, and his/her library record should have no outstanding overdue or missing books or fines. Contact Betsy Cawley with questions.

During the lottery, interested seniors will be directed to a website where they will fill out a simple form. These will be submitted to a random drawing. Those seniors whose names have been chosen will be notified by e-mail and they will be given certain times during which they may pick out a carrel.

Please observe the following for your carrel:

  • Library books on your carrel must be properly checked out. Make sure the correct “Date Due” is stamped in each book. 
  • Books kept at your carrel should be left sensitized. If you later want to take them out of the library, the Circulation Desk can desensitize them when you leave and re-sensitize them when you come back.
  • Non-circulating materials may NOT be kept at your carrel. This includes: Periodicals, Reference books, Senior Projects, Reserves books and Photography books.
  • The carrel is not yours exclusively. Others may sit there when it is not in use
  • We do not recommend keeping personal copies of books at your carrel because we have no way to protect them from being stolen.
  • The senior loan period for borrowing books is one semester.  Please note that Connect NY books always have a loan period of 21 days with one renewal.  If you still need CNY books when the due date is up, please return them and reorder.  Don’t forget to renew your Stevenson Library books at the end of the semester. Books from our Browsing Collections have a 28 day borrowing period, with one renewal.
  • Please help us maintain the library by treating your carrel space with respect.  Do not leave food or drinks at your carrel, and take care that your belongings stay on the carrel (not the windowsills or floor), so they do not become a hindrance to the cleaning staff. 
Senior Project Format

Please feel free to contact a librarian for help with your senior project research. We would be happy to set up an appointment for a reference session. Click here for information about our Senior Projects collection.

The Form of the Senior Project


  • Title page
  • Dedication/Acknowledgements
  • (Preface, if included)
  • Table of contents (list of chapters with their page numbers)
  • Introduction
  • Body of text
  • Footnotes (if these do not appear elsewhere)
  • Bibliography


  • Use uniform size paper, 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Leave a margin of approximately 1 inch on the left and 1 inch on the right, top, and bottom of the page.
  • Double space the body of the text. Ask your adviser whether you should follow the MLA, APA, or CMS recommendations for your citations and bibliography.
  • Illustrative material such as graphs, maps, and photographs can be integrated into the text or placed in appendices at the end.
  • Number pages consecutively, with Arabic numerals; the first numbered page should be the first page of the text proper. The title page, dedication, and table of contents should not be numbered. (These preliminary pages or any others may be designated with roman numerals if desired.)
  • Numbers should appear in the upper right hand corner of the pages, or in the middle of the top margin, without periods or hyphens.

The final version of your senior project should be carefully proofread for typographical errors, correct grammar, and proper citation. Rely on Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and The MLA Handbook or The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. for all editorial questions.

Sample Title Page:

Indonesian Vernacular Architecture:

Of Home, the Body, and the Universe


Senior Project submitted to

The Division of Social Studies

of Bard College


Miya Buxton


Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

May 2011

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