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Brandon Weber '97 and Vesna Straser '95

"Bard was extremely generous to both of us during our time there, Vesna as a Program in International Education (PIE) student in 1995 and Brandon as a regular undergraduate on scholarship from 1993 to 1997. We continue to feel a strong tie to Bard and are proud to contribute to its evolution. But as importantly, we recognize the debt of that generosity and hope to repay it so that it can be extended to students in the future." —Brandon Weber '97 and Vesna Straser '95

Carson Koons Baker '12 and Christina Nye Koons

"The commitment of the Bard student's passion for the College is reflected in the comments made by one: 'with only eight semesters at Bard, why would anyone want to go anywhere else?' He was commenting on why he chose not to study abroad. I agree because I can see that my son, Carson, is completely engaged at Bard with majors in art and psychology. I feel that he is in the right place. Although I hope Carson will return to the great state of Washington to live, being on the East Coast has also been a valuable part of his education. The road trips between the coasts getting to and from school have added to his total experience, each via a new route with Bard students in tow. What a terrific learning adventure they are all having at this fine college. In this age of budget cuts everywhere, for everything, I feel fortunate to be able to support Bard." —Christina Nye Koons, parent of Bard student Carson Koons Baker '12

Dr. Benjamin J. Goldberg '91

“I am continually gratified and impressed with the accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff. Bard has never been better than it is today and clearly has a future of amazing promise and achievement to which we can all look forward.” —Dr. Benjamin J. Goldberg ‘91

Joshua Kaufman '92

“Bard provided me with so much and it’s always on my list for annual giving.” —Joshua Kaufman ‘92

Nicole M. de Jesús '94

"The Bard experience encouraged me to grow in so many ways. The rigorous academic program, and the opportunity to connect with and build long-lasting relationships with my faculty and advisors, prepared me for a life less ordinary, and for that I am truly grateful. (Where else could one study Aramaic as an undergrad?) I hope my gift to the 150th Anniversary Campaign for Bard College will encourage other alumni/ae to give and ensure this experience is made available for generations of students to come. In Bard's hands, a truly 'liberal' education is an art unto itself." —Nicole M. de Jesús '94

Tracy Feldman '95

"I really appreciate my Bard experience.  As I have developed as a professor, thinking about what it takes to foster critical thinking skills, I have appreciated Bard all the more." —Tracy Feldman '95

Dexin Zhou '09

"I worked as a phonathon caller in my first year and still remember how hard it was. This is the least I can do for the College." —Dexin Zhou '09