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Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities

Public discourse is the bedrock of our democracy. Amid the cacophony of media pundits and the proliferation of think tanks, the Hannah Arendt Center is unique in addressing politics free from the jostling over policy. The Center is an institutional space for passionate, uncensored, nonpartisan thinking that reframes and deepens the fundamental questions facing our nation and our world. In October 2013, the Arendt Center explored the question at the heart of a liberal arts education: “What Is an Educated Citizen?” The previous year, on the eve of the election, Ralph Nader and Bernard Kouchner led an inquiry into the question: “Does the President Matter?” These annual conferences—in conjunction with the Center’s lecture series, fellowships, publications, website, and blog—promote thinking that challenges assumptions and gives depth to public understanding.

Bard undergraduates can take Arendt Center reading seminars alongside graduate student fellows, serve as research assistants, participate in lectures and workshops, contribute to the Center blog, and assist in conferences. To learn more, visit the Arendt Center website. To subscribe to the Center’s mailing list, send an e-mail to