Additional Opportunities to Study

Professional Option: Joint-Degree Programs

The professional option allows exceptionally qualified students to combine undergraduate study at Bard with graduate or professional work in an approved participating program and, through the option, to qualify for a Bard B.A. degree and a degree from the other program. Students wishing to apply to any of the joint degree programs listed on Bard's dual-degree page must first receive permission from their academic adviser and from the dean of studies. Those accepted into a participating program complete three or four years of study at Bard (according to the terms of the program) and then do further work at the other institution. To qualify for the Bard B.A. students must successfully complete their distribution requirements at Bard as well as the degree requirements of their major program and the degree requirements of the other institution; students who are not at Bard for their senior year may be exempt from the Senior Project as a Bard B.A. requirement.