Bard Faculty

Alan J. Avery-Peck

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Religion

Primary Academic Program: Religion


B.A., University of Illinois, Urbana; Ph.D., Brown University. Also studied at Hebrew University, Departments of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy. He is Kraft-Hiatt Professor in Judaic Studies at College of the Holy Cross; and has also taught at Tulane University in the Department of Classical Languages. Author of numerous scholarly articles and books, including The Priestly Gift in Mishnah: A Study of Tractate Terumot, Mishnah’s Division of Agriculture: A History and Theology of Seder Zeraim, and The Routledge Dictionary of Judaism (with Jacob Neusner), among others. Edited books include New Perspectives on Ancient Judaism, Volume VI; Where We Stand: Issues and Debates in the Study of Ancient Judaism, Volumes 1–3 (with J. Neusner); The Encyclopedia of Judaism (with J. Neusner and W. Green), and others. He is editor of The Review of Rabbinic Judaism: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern and has served on the editorial boards of Hebrew Annual Review, Macmillan Dictionary of Judaism: The Biblical Age, and Brown Judaic Studies. At Bard: 2013–2014.


  • Teaching Interests: Ethics of Judaism; Judaism in the time of Jesus; the formation of Rabbinic Judaism ; American Judaism; biblical Hebrew; the Holocaust; civilization of ancient Israel; contemporary Judaic cults and movements


Phone: 845-758-7270
Location: Aspinwall
Office: 110