Bard Faculty

Justin Foy

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Primary Academic Program: Chemistry


B.S., Saint Michael’s College; Ph.D., Dartmouth College; postdoctoral research, Institut Charles Sadron-CNRS, University of Strasbourg. In his postdoctoral research, Professor Foy worked on the synthesis of new molecular switches and machines for their integration into contractile polymers. As a graduate research assistant at Dartmouth, his thesis focused on the synthesis of aryl-based cyclopentadienyl lithium (CpLi) polymers as self-assembling synthons and hydrazine-based molecular switches for proton relays. He also served as a graduate teaching assistant in general chemistry, advanced chemistry laboratory, and synthetic and spectroscopy techniques. His work has been published in Nature Nanotechnology, Chemical Science, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Nature Chemistry. At Bard since 2016.


Location: Reem-Kayden Center
Office: 140