Bard Faculty

Wakako Suzuki

Assistant Professor of Japanese

Primary Academic Program: Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Asian Studies


BA, Rikkyo University, Tokyo; MA, Columbia University; MA, Stanford University; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Suzuki’s scholarly interests in Japanese literature range from childhood memories, children’s literature, and women’s writing to literary criticism in 19th- and 20th-century Japan. Her teaching interests include gender and sexuality in Japanese literature, Japanese folklore, popular culture, and translation. Publications include “On the Present Reception of Yokomitsu's Work in North America—From the Perspective of Shanghai Discussed in the Classroom,” and “Youth,” both in Yokomichi Riichi Studies, and “Sacred or Profane? Representing War Orphans in the Post-war Occupation of Japan: Ishikawa Jun’s ‘The Jesus of the Ruins’” in Japan Studies Association Journal, vol. 16 (2018). At Bard since 2018.


Office: 105