Bard Faculty

Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

Associate Professor of Psychology

Primary Academic Program: Psychology

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Academic Expertise: Psychology

Area of Specialization: Developmental Psychology


B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Contributes articles relating to cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, primate cognition, and autism to numerous academic journals. Has taught at University of Michigan. At Bard since 2007.

Research Interests: preschooler thinking; social cognition, perspective-taking; autobiographical memory; self-recognition

Teaching Interests: Developmental Psychology; Child Development; Preschooler Thinking; Comparative Cognition; Theory of Mind

Other Interests: autism; non-human primates (esp. apes)


Phone: 845-758-7621