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Gregory D. Landweber

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Mathematics

Academic Expertise: Mathematics

Area of Specialization: Mathematical physics


B.A., Princeton University; M.Sc., Oxford University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University; Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics with Distinction, Cambridge University. Honors include National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Harvard (1994–97); British Marshall Scholarship, Oxford (1993–94) and Cambridge (1992–97) Universities. Has taught at Harvard and University of Oregon, and spent one year each at Microsoft Research, MSRI, and Fields Institute at University of Toronto. Many mathematical papers, including “Multiplets of representations and Kostant’s Dirac operator for equal loop groups” (Duke Mathematical Journal 110, 2001); “Spin holography via dimensional enhancement” (with Michael Faux; Physics Letters B 681, 2009); "Divided differences and the Weyl character formula in equivariant K-theory" (with Megumi Harada and Reyer Sjamaar; Mathematical Research Letters, 2010). At Bard since 2007.

Research Interests: Supersymmetry; symplectic geometry; K-theory; string theory

Teaching Interests: Geometry; topology; numerical analysis; linear algebra

Other Interests: Mathematical computation (esp. SAGE); Mac OS X and iPhone software development


Phone: 845-758-7093
Website: http://math.bard.edu/greg
E-mail: gregland@bard.edu