Bard Faculty

Jonathan Cristol

Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) Program; Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Studies

Primary Academic Program: Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program

Academic Program Affiliation(s): Political Studies

Academic Expertise: Political Studies

Area of Specialization: International Relations


B.A., Bard College; M.A., Yale University; Ph.D., University of Bristol. Areas of expertise include international relations theory, America and the Arab world, 20th-century diplomatic history, intersection of popular culture and world politics. Proficient in Arabic and Hebrew. Awards include University of Bristol Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2007–10); Mellon Grant for Curricular Development, Bard College (2006); Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Yale (2001–02); Reamer Kline Award, Bard College (2000).

Research Interests: International Relations Theory; Diplomatic Recognition; American Middle East Policy; Popular Culture and International Relations

Other Interests: The Novels of Philip K. Dick


2012-09-24 — Appearance
At the request of a visiting diplomatic delegation, I served as MC and moderator for a dinner and Q+A with a major world leader.

2012-04-04 — Appearance
I spoke on a roundtable titled "Popular Culture Narratives in World Politics" alongside Dan Drezner, Charli Carpenter, Patrick James, Dan Nexon, and Stephen Saideman, at the International Studies Association Convention in San Diego, California.

2012-04-02 — Lecture
I presented a paper titled "The Ethics of Diplomatic Recognition" at the International Studies Association Convention in San Diego, California.

2012-03-07 — Lecture
I gave a lecture at the United States Military Academy at West Point on "The War on Terror and the Post-Westphalian Order." It should be noted that in my talk I did not accept the premise that we are in a "Post-Westphalian" order.

2012-02-29 — Appearance
I spoke to students at Emory University in Atlanta as part of a panel on international careers.

2012-02-25 — Appearance
I appeared on C-Span's Book TV alongside author David Satter.

2011-11-18 — Appearance
I appeared on a roundtable for Yale graduate students on which I discussed the state of the non-profit job market in New York City.

2011-10-14 — Presentation
I spoke on a roundtable about civilian-military education at the International Security Studies Conference at the University of California-Irvine.

2011-10-02 — Appearance
I attended a meeting, funded by the Mellon Foundation, at the Air Force Academy of military service academies and liberal arts colleges who seek to collaborate in both academic and social endeavors.

2011-09-24 — Publication
I published an op-ed in the Toronto daily, The National Post.
Website: http://

2011-03-18 — Presentation
I convened and chaired a roundtable on "New Conceptions of Statehood and Sovereignty" at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Montreal, Canada. My particular focus was on the state of Andorra and the Order of Malta.

2011-02-28 — Lecture
I gave a talk titled "Incentivizing Peace in the Middle East: A New Role for the United States" at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

2010-11-08 — Lecture
I spoke at the Jewish Theological Seminary as part of a lunch time speaker series called "Talking About Israel."

2010-10-06 — Appearance
I was interviewed for a 45 minute video on the blog "The Busy Signal." The topic was the successes and failures of The Iraq War.

2010-10-01 — Publication
On October 1 I launched a blog about Middle East policy hosted by the journal The American Interest.

2010-09-28 — Appearance
I spoke to a class at Wofford College about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular about King Abdullah II's appearance on the Daily Show.

2010-08-27 — Presentation
I presented a paper titled "Morality and the (Mis)Calculation of the National Interest: President Clinton's Non-Recognition of the Taliban Government" at the American Political Science Association Annual Convention in Washington DC.


Phone: 646-839-9262