Bard Faculty

John Esposito

Musician and composer John Esposito has been on the Bard faculty since 2001. A visiting assistant professor of music, he teaches piano, drums, ensembles, jazz theory, repertoire, and advanced composition technique.
Esposito's life was infused with music from a young age; he grew up in a musical family, and first performed as a teenager playing harmonica in a blues band. He studied with such musical pioneers as Robert Ashley, John Cage, Elliott Carter, and Frederick Rzewski. Esposito has performed and recorded with Nick Brignola, Dave Douglas, Dave Holland, Carter Jefferson, Franklin Kiermyer, J. R. Monterose, Arthur Rhames, Sam Rivers, Roswell Rudd, Pharaoh Sanders, John Stubblefield, and others. His recent recordings include The Blue People with the John Esposito Quintet (2006), Down Blue Marlin Road with the John Esposito Trio (2006), and Extra Pressure with Eric Person and Meta-Four (1999).

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