Interdivisional Programs

Spanish Studies


Through its courses, events, and study abroad opportunities, the Spanish Studies Program invites Bard students to develop a deep understanding of the rich Spanish-speaking cultures of Iberia, Latin America, and the United States. By the time of Moderation, students are expected to have a solid grasp of the language as well as a familiarity with reading and writing about literary texts. Spanish Studies majors are strongly encouraged to spend a semester or, if possible, a full year abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.


Prior to Moderation, students should have completed three semesters of Spanish language at Bard, or the equivalent. Students should also have taken two literature courses, which may include Spanish 301 or 302, Introduction to Spanish Literature and Introduction to Latin American Literature, respectively. After Moderation, majors should complete a minimum of three additional seminars in the program. They are also highly encouraged to take one or more courses in literature taught in English, including literary theory. The Senior Project should be written under the direction of a Spanish Studies Program faculty member and should address a topic related to Spanish or Latin American literature.

Recent Senior Projects in Spanish Studies

  • “Memory and Invention: A Translation of Mariana Enriquez’s The Children Have Come Back
  • “Occupied Bodies and Political Space: Argentina’s Abortion Enigma”
  • “A Translation of the Life of Captain Domingo de Toral y Valdés: A Firsthand Account of the Decline of Spanish Empire”