Division of Social Studies


Sociology at Bard aims to provide an understanding of the structure and processes of society, explain and chart the course of social changes, and offer knowledge of the sources of those actions and ideas that are learned and shared through social membership. While contemporary complex societies are of central concern, cross-cultural comparative materials also lend meaning to the particular patterns of American life. Students are encouraged to engage in internships and original research.

Students planning to moderate in sociology are required to take a 100-level course in sociology (ideally Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology); Sociology 205, Introduction to Research Methods; and Sociology 213, Sociological Theory, before Moderation. For Moderation, students submit the standard autobiographical outline of past and future work and a 12-page essay on a topic of their choice that has been approved by their adviser. Majors are expected to take two 300-level seminars and three additional electives. Each student must write a Senior Project.

Recent Senior Projects in Sociology

  • “Affirmative Action and Asian Americans: The Politics of an Ambiguous Racial Identity”
  • “In the Wake of No Child Left Behind: Improving National Accomplishment while Targeting the Performance Gap Caused by Poverty”
  • “The Negotiated Me: A Deeper Look at the Educational Experiences of Young Black and White Women”
  • “Walking Toward the Horizon: Understanding the Impact of Latin American Immigrant Organizations”
In addition to required courses, tutorials and Major Conferences are offered regularly, based on individual study and interest. Recent tutorials include Minorities and the Media, The Death Penalty and Public Opinion, Social Policy, and Controversies in Education.