Interdivisional Programs and Concentrations

With only a few exceptions, the courses in the undergraduate programs are listed with one of the divisions: The Arts, Languages and Literature, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Studies. Courses that are required by, recommended for, or related to an interdivisional program are listed with the interdivisional program’s description and are cross-listed as such in the course description in the divisional listings. For example, Religion 241, Myth and the Arts of India, is cross-listed as a course in the Asian Studies Program.

Course Work and Requirements

The cross-listings and the course lists accompanying the interdivisional program descriptions are not necessarily complete and are subject to change as new courses are developed, course content changes, and program content changes. Some of the program descriptions give only general information about the nature of the courses appropriate to the program, rather than specific course titles. Students should check with program faculty or the registrar for information about each semester’s course offerings related to particular programs. Since multidisciplinary programs are individually designed, they have no course lists or cross-listings.