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German Studies


The German Studies Program encompasses the language, literature, culture, history, philosophy, art, and music of the German-speaking countries. The cultural and historical expressions of German can best be understood by interdisciplinary study and by situating German, Austrian, and Swiss cultures within the larger European context.


A student moderates into German Studies with a focus in a main discipline (such as history, literature, philosophy, or art history). Majors are required to take at least four semesters, or the equivalent, of German language courses, a survey course in German literature, and at least one semester of German or European history. After Moderation, the student is eligible to study abroad for a semester, ideally in the spring of the junior year. Bard offers exchange programs with Humboldt University and Bard College Berlin (see Bard Abroad).

Recent Senior Projects in German Studies

  • “Hannah Arendt, Tibor Tollas, and the Hungarian Revolution”
  • Missvertstehbar: Patterns of Understanding in Elias Canetti’s Die Stimmen von Marrakesch
  • “Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Albert Schweitzer’s Jesus in German Literature”