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Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing presents

The Response of Aquatic Ecosystems to Human Activity

Assessing River Health with Ecosystem Function

Friday, March 15, 2013

[The Response of Aquatic Ecosystems to Human Activity]
A Lecture by Heather Bechtold, Candidate for the Science Position in Environmental Studies

Dr. Bechtold's research focuses on the effects of global change and human activity across the boundaries of terrestrial and stream ecosystems. Human induced stressors associated with land-use change such as agriculture, forest management and urbanization can alter how streams function (metabolism and nutrient cycling) and can be a source of novel contaminants, such as caffeine. Such inputs can alter the structure and function of stream biofilm (algal communities), which in turn may modify retention and export of these compounds from watersheds. Balancing the input of nutrients and contaminants are important to the health and function of aquatic ecosystems.

Location: RKC 111