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Firefighting on a Flat Terrain

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Firefighting on a Flat Terrain]
A Lecture by Amir Barghi, Candidate for the Position in Mathematics

In the Firefighter Problem, a fire starts at a vertex of a graph (a tree in an orchard or a forest). In discrete time intervals, the fire spreads from burning vertices to their neighbors (from burning trees to the ones close by) unless they are protected by one of the firefighters that are deployed every turn. Once burned or protected, a vertex remains in that state. This process terminates when the fire can not spread any longer. In the case of finite graphs, firefighters wish to minimize the damage or the time that the fire rages. When a fire starts in an infinite graph, the key question is whether the fire can be stopped. In this talk, two different models for an infinite forest on a flat terrain will be introduced and conditions under which a fire can be stopped will be discussed.

Location: RKC 102