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Psychology Program presents

Ensemble Perception: Seeing the Mean Within the Crowd

Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Ensemble Perception: Seeing the Mean Within the Crowd]
A lecture by Jason Haberman, candidate for the position in Psychology

Our effortless interaction with our visual world leaves us with the impression that we have a complete representation of all that we see. However, studies in attention (e.g., change blindness) suggest that we are actually conscious of very little in our visual environment. How do we reconcile these two points; our impression of a complete visual world with the reality of limited awareness? I provide evidence that ensemble perception, the ability to derive summary information from a crowd of objects, may be key. Our visual system compresses redundant visual information into a single, efficient code: an average (e.g., orientation, expression). In this talk I demonstrate that this process works at all levels of the visual system, and I conclude with a cognitive architecture for how ensemble perception might operate.

Location: Preston Theater