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Anthropology Program and Mind, Brain, & Behavior Program present

Anthropology Lecture Series: Paul Kockelman

Hunting Ham and Sieving Spam: The Relation between Meaning, Math, and Meat

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paul Kockelman is an Associate Professor at Barnard College and Columbia University. He is a linguistic anthropologist who is broadly interested in the relation between meaning, value, and information. He is the author of Language, Culture, and Mind: Natural Constructions and Social Kinds (Cambridge University Press 2009), as well as numerous articles.

His scholarship has focused on a broad set of interrelated topics concerning language, culture and mind. Methodologically, he draws on his empirical research to analyze relations among grammatical categories, discourse patterns, social relations, and cultural values as they unfold in both face-to-face and more mediated forms of interaction. His research has been sustained by extensive linguistic and ethnographic fieldwork, primarily among speakers of Q’eqchi’-Maya living in the cloud forests of highland Guatemala, and now more and more among scientists and engineers working on and with a variety of information technologies.

Sponsored by Anthropology and Mind, Brain & Behavior.

Time: 6:15 pm

Location: RKC 103