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Faculty: Mona Simpson

Mona Simpson

Writer in Residence Mona Simpson is a former senior editor at the Paris Review and the author of five novels. Simpson has been awarded a Whiting Prize (1986), a Guggenheim (1988), a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Hodder Fellowship (1987), a Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Prize (1995), a Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize (2001). She is a Pen Faulkner finalist (2001) and most recently received a Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters (2008).
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Immediate Decision Plan

Admission to Bard is highly competitive. The Immediate Decision Plan (IDP) is recommended for the accomplished student for whom Bard is a top choice. The IDP is designed to help students develop a more informed opinion of the College and to accelerate the admission process during a daylong session. IDP is non-binding; we strongly discourage IDP applicants from applying Early Decision to another institution.

All 2014 IDP Dates Are Full

The IDP Application Deadline is November 1, 2014

NOTE: Your Common Application must be completed and submitted to the Admission Office by November 1 in order to be considered for IDP.

There are no wait lists for IDP sessions once they are filled.

Who Should Apply for IDP?

We expect applicants to have pursued a rigorous course of study including honors and/or advanced classes if offered at their secondary school. In addition, a well-balanced program of study is considered the best preparation for succeeding at Bard. Such a program should include, if possible, a full four-year sequence in English, social sciences, and mathematics; study of at least one foreign language for three, preferably four years; and three to four years of study in the laboratory sciences. The Admission Committee is interested in the entire high school record, with junior and senior year courses being especially important.

Things to Consider

The committee also considers achievement, motivation, and intellectual ambition outside of school; appraises the standards of the secondary school curriculum; and carefully reads the application essay and recommendations. We suggest that recommendations be from both an English teacher and a math or science teacher from the junior or senior years. Students are advised to contact the Admission Office, or have their college counselor call to speak with an admission counselor if they have any questions about whether the IDP is appropriate for them. Please note that transfer students are not eligible to participate in the IDP.

The Process

Candidates participate in a seminar conducted by a Bard faculty member and meet with an admission counselor. Most recently the IDP seminars have focused on the study of mathematics and science in the liberal arts context. The Admission Committee will mail decisions the following workday. Note: Only the College makes an immediate decision; accepted candidates may wait until May 1 to notify the College of their enrollment plans. VIEW MORE >>