Faculty: Jackie Goss

Jackie Goss

An associate professor of film and electronic arts, Jacqueline Susan Goss also teaches in the Science, Technology, and Society Program at Bard. She specializes in video, animation, and new media. Goss received her B.A. from Brown University and an M.F.A. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has been on the faculty at Bard since 2001.
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Transfer Applicants

Am I a Transfer Student?

A transfer student is defined as one who has officially matriculated into a degree program (associate’s or bachelor’s) at an accredited junior college, college, or university, and completed at least one semester at that institution.

Candidates who have taken college classes without being admitted into an institution's degree program are considered incoming first-year students, not transfer students. Bard also accepts international transfer students; the application requirements differ from those of domestic transfer students. Transfer students who are 25 years or older should apply directly to Bard's Returning to College Program (RCP).


Although a personal interview is not required for incoming first-year students, it is strongly recommended for transfer candidates. Candidates should demonstrate their understanding of Bard's curriculum in their interview.

Where Do I Start at Bard?

Transfer candidates with less than a year of college coursework may be required to participate in Bard’s first-year program, as determined by the Registrar of the College, and therefore can only apply for the fall term. Due to the comprehensive nature of our first-year program, we do not accept mid-year first-year transfer students. VIEW MORE >>


Of primary importance is the transfer candidate's understanding of Bard's common curriculum (Moderation, Senior Project, and distribution requirements), learning environment (seminar/discussion, emphasis on close textual reading and writing), and academic concentrations (majors) in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

What to Include in Your Application

Please note that transfer applicants may not apply to Bard Early Action or Immediate Decision, but must apply Regular Admission. Application due dates also differ for transfer students. Apply using the Common ApplicationVIEW MORE >>

Transfer Credit

A student transferring from an accredited institution usually receives full credit for work completed with a grade of C or better in courses appropriate to the Bard curriculum. Specifically, no transfer credit will be given for courses that are dissimilar from those offered at Bard. VIEW MORE >>

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for transfer students. Both the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE forms must be submitted. Some scholarships are available for transfer students, including the Distinguished Scientist Scholars Program (DSS). However, transfer students are not eligible for the Excellence and Equal Cost Program (EEC).

Housing for Transfer Students

Housing is not guaranteed for transfer students; however, accepted transfers may request on-campus housing by submitting the on-campus housing profile form. To learn more about housing availability on- and off-campus, transfers should contact the Residence Life Office.