Bard Bridge Program

The Bridge program is an enrichment program for high school juniors and seniors
who have met or are currently fulfilling their high school requirements, and would like the opportunity to participate in a higher-level educational experience. Students, who have attained an academic average of 85, or higher, are invited to participate in up to two, 100 or 200 level classes, at Bard to broaden their educational development. The program is not intended to take the place of high school classes, nor is it an alternative to the total high school experience.

Guidelines for High School students interested in the Bridge Program

  • Must be at least 16 years old and a member of a high school junior or senior class. This includes students who are home-schooled. 
  • Must be able to participate in a socially responsible manner in a college environment.
Photo by Scott Barrow

Bridge Program Application Process

  • STEP 1. Application: Students should submit a completed online application to the Bard Admission Office at least three weeks prior to registration day (November 30th for Spring Semester, July 31st for Fall Semester). The application will need approval of both the student’s guidance counselor and a parent or guardian. Please include a high school transcript, or equivalent documents, as proof of an academic average of 85 or higher. In addition, please list at least three courses from the current upcoming semester’s course listing for which the student wishes to register. Current course list
  • STEP 2. Interview: Students must schedule an interview with Josh Tyler in the Bard Admissions office no later than three weeks prior to registration day.
  • STEP 3. Approval: Applications of recommended students will be forwarded to Diane Smith in the Registrar’s Office.
  • STEP 4. Registration: Students should schedule a consultation with Diane Smith in the Registrar’s office, no later than two weeks prior to registration day and upon approval by Admissions, to determine available classes and to register.
  • STEP 5. Payment: Payment to student accounts for registration and course fees must be made upon completion of the registration and application process.
*Please note: Bard College students have priority registration to all classes. No Bridge student is eligible to take a 300 or 400 level course. Certain 100 and 200 level courses are also unavailable to Bridge students. The Registrar’ s Office and individual Professors will assist you in choosing appropriate classes.

Contact: Office of Admission, Josh Tyler: 845 758-7472

Bard Bridge Program Application Form