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Students come from across the country and around the globe to study at Bard,
undertaking a broad range of academic programs in Annandale. While pursuing their degrees, they volunteer in the community, develop their career goals, and bring their talents to the campus and the region. They share a love of learning and the leadership to make their mark on the world.
A Student Perspective on the Language and Thinking Program

A Student Perspective on the Language and Thinking Program

“I like to think of L&T as a VIP sneak peek into what college at Bard will be like,” says Bard senior Zelda Bas. “For three weeks right before your first semester as a freshman you come to Bard and the whole campus belongs to you, the freshmen class.” Every August the incoming Bard first-years come to Annandale ahead of the rest of the student body for Bard’s intensive introduction to the liberal arts, Language and Thinking (L&T). A tightly knit community forms. Not only are first-years attending their required L&T class sessions, but they are also getting acquainted with the campus, meeting their peers, and discovering the neighboring towns.

Student Stories

Abiba Salahou

Bard senior Abiba Salahou—biology major, future doctor, and cochair of the Muslim Student Organization—on the importance of speaking up and getting involved on campus. "I like to ask challenging questions," she says, "and push people to rethink their assumptions."
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Eva-Marie Quinones

Bard College senior Eva-Marie Quinones is invested in political dialogue and civic engagement. A double major in economics and global and international studies, Eva-Marie has been a leader in the Bard Debate Union and Model United Nations.
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Austin Lehn

Bard senior and political studies major Austin Lehn interned at EducationUSA last summer, a division of the State Department that helps international students and their families navigate the college admission process in the United States. Now he's considering a career as a Foreign Service officer.
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Julia Jardine

A native of Red Hook, New York, Bard senior Julia Jardine hadn’t planned on staying so close to home when she applied for colleges. But as early as her first tour of the campus, Julia loved Bard.
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Andrea Szegedy-Maszak

Andrea came to Bard intending to be a psychology major. It was in Citizen Science, the three-week science intensive for first-years, that she realized she wanted to study biology. Now Andrea is taking the next step to being a biology teacher: she's enrolled in Bard's Master of Arts in Teaching program.
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Jonian Rafti

Jonian is a joint major in economics and history, serves as the treasurer on Bard’s student government, and is a leader in student voter registration efforts. He came to Bard from a large high school in New York City, and was looking for a small college where he could get to know his peers and professors.
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Corinna Cape

Human Rights and Written Arts joint major Corinna grew up in the small town of Sherman, Texas. She has been active with Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement and the TLS (Trustee Leader Scholar) program, which supports student volunteer efforts.
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YuSung Eo

YuSung, a native of South Korea, is majoring in political studies with a concentration in global international studies. YuSung has been enrolled in the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program, and plans to go back to his home country after graduation in order to pursue a career in politics.
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Lucy Flamm

Lucy Flamm, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a history major with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. Lucy is active on campus and off, taking advantage of interdisciplinary study, funded summer internships, and the freedom to start her own campus club.
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Mildred Kissai

Mildred Kissai, originally from Tanzania, was attending high school in Qatar when she learned about Bard. She’s a Citizen Science Fellow and also works with Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement. Mildred plans to joint major in biology and chemistry.
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