Alumni Magazine – Index compiled by Annys Wilson


1958, January  v. 1, no. 1

            Elsa Heister, Alumni/ae Secretary.  Case: revived Alumni/ae Newsletter

            Clergy Convocation 10/22

            Art: Carol Summers; Daniel Newman; Carolee Schneeman; David Gould; Lucius Salisbury

            Death of Werner Wolff – May

            Chester Bowles, Commencement Speaker


1958, May v. 1, no. 2

            Gummere: “Prophets, Scholars and Schoolchildren”

            Rev. S.R. Brinkerhoff “Reminiscences” (w/ photos)

            Anthony Hecht “A Poem for His Son”


1958, October v. 1, no. 3

            Four Quarter Plan

            Cyrus Eaton – Honorary Degree

            Building of Tewksbury


1959, March v. 2, no. 1

            More on 10/22/58 Clergy Convocation

            Pablo Casals and Emil Hauser

            T. Weiss and Quarterly Review

            Wolff Memorial Psychology Lab

            Jazz Festival 11/14 – 11/15


1959, June v. 2, no. 2

            Death of Charles Harold Gray 5/14/59

            “In Memoriam” p. 5 Dr. Donald G. Tewksbury; The Rev. Canon Bernard Iddings Bell

            Brandon Grove, ’50 “Are the Russians Ahead in Education”

            Beverly Gary, ’51 “The Real Castro”

            Flint Kellogg, ’31 “Villard and the NAACP”

            Orient Gallery Fire (4/18/59)


1960, March v. 3, no. 1

            Bluecher Profile by Eugenio Villicana

            Clergy Convocation (10/20/59)

            Gummere “Collegiate Revolution”

            Irving Horowitz, Professor of Sociology ’59-’60 : “The Intellectual as a Suicide: the Case of

                        F.O. Matthiessen”

            First Winter College; plans for summer

            Art Exhibit and Sale at Barbizo Plaza


1960, June v. 3, no. 2

            Eugenio Villicana, “The Faculty – Irma Brandeis”

            Centennial Commencement







1961, January v. 3, no. 3

            Cover – Dr. Kline

            John & Samuel Bard Award to Dr. Vasil Obreshkove

                        (article from Sottery)

            History of Bard Chapel – Kline Founder’s Day Speech

            Kline acceptance (of presidency) speech; “Greetings” from various constituencies


1961, March v. 4, no. 1

            T. Weiss – “A Gothic Tale” (poem)

            New Sabbatical Plan


1961, May v. 4, no. 2

            C. Theodore Sottery – a Profile


1961, June v. 4, no. 3

            Emil Hauser Retiring

            Stefan Hirsch

            Artine Artinian Profile

            Kline: First Year


1961, October v. 5, no. 1

            Dean Bourne Retires

            Harvey Fite – A Profile

            Robert Kelly – “The White Book: XXII” (poem)

            Avery’s leave

            Stefan Hirsch – Honorary Degree, June ‘61


1962, March v. 5, no. 2

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Ransohoft photos (brief article)

            Daniel Newman, ’51 – Madison Ave. Show

            Harold L. Hodgkinson -- New Dean

            Gerard DeGre – A Profile


1962, May v. 5, no. 3

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Kate Wolff – A Profile

            Richard Griffith – New Director B& G


1962, July v. 5, no. 4

            Charles Percy Snow – Commencement Speaker –excerpts

            Mark Lambert, a senior, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

            Outdoor Production of Bartholomew Fair (Johnson)

            Dedication of Tewksbury

            Brief article of Richard Rovere’s “The American Establishment…”

            Honorary Degrees: B.I. Bell (posthumously), Rover, Martin Luther King, Ferdinand Pecora

            Emil Hauser – A Profile

            Baccalaureate Address – D.D. Bourne





1962, November v. 5, no. 4

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Theodore Weiss – A Profile

            Acquisition of Schuyler House


1963, March v. 6, no. 1

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Brief article on Daniel Ransohoft

            Service for Clair Leonard – d. 2/7/63

            Frederic Q Shafer – A Profile by Richard Rovere


1963, May v. 6, no. 2

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Memorial Concert for Clair Leonard

            Charles Tremblay – A Profile

            Senior – Faculty Party

            Insert on teaching


1963, July v. 6, no. 3

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Paul Ward (Sarah Lawrence) Commencement Speaker

            Ward manor acquisition

            Ground breaking for Proctor Art Center

            Heinz Bertelsmann – A Profile

            New Publication – The Arts


1963, November v. 6, no. 4

            Muriel DeGre, editor)

            Descendants’ Day (Gummere article)

            Louis Schanker – A Profile


1964, March v. 7, no 1

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Artine Artinian announces retirement

            Fred Crane – A Profile


1964, May v. 7, no. 2

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Letter from Joan Williams, ‘50

            The College Bowl

            William Lensing – A Profile

            Dorothy Dulles Bourne – short article


1964, August v. 7, no. 3

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Eisenhower at Bard College  

            Andrews Wanning – A Profile

            Poem for Artinian retirement party, at “Wrongside”





1964, November v. 7, no. 4

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Harold Hodgkinson – A Profile

            Stefan Hirsch memorial Service 10/25/64 – T. Weiss “remarks”


1965, March v. 8, no. 1

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            MDC article on Bellow and  Herzog

            Article on William Humphrey

            Robert Koblitz – A Profile


1965, May v. 8, no. 2

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            Dedication of Procter Art Center

            Frank Oja – A Profile

            Faculty Basketball Team


1965, August v. 8, no. 4

            Muriel DeGre, editor

            James H. Case, 1906-1965 (d. 7/11/65)


1965, Fall v. 8, no. 4 (5?)

            Eliza Klose, editor

            Peace Corps – James Pines, ‘46

            Harry Carmen memorial


1966, Winter v.  9, no. 1

            Eliza Klose, editor

            Albert Jay Nock, by Peter Witonski, ‘65

            Edward Steichen exhibit

            Aaron Fessler, new Librarian


1966, Spring v. 9, no. 2

            Eliza Klose, editor

            Bard Scientists – grads. and faculty


1966, Summer v. 9, no. 3

            Javits – Honorary Degree and Speaker – Student Protest


1966, November v. 9, no. 4

            Eliza Klose, editor

            BRAC (Bard Racial Action Committee)

            Hodgkinson: “The New Hedonism and College Students Today”

            Ransohoff photos

            Coover & Settle – Two Novel Profiles


1967, February v. 10, no. 1

            Eliza Klose, editor

            “On Education & Teaching” – Albert SZent-Gyorgyi –USOE conference in Jan.

            “Fall of Singapore” Stanley Falk, ‘45



1967, May v. 10, no. 2

            Eliza Klose, editor

            “Casablanca” Howard Koch and Robert Rockman

            Prendergast Monotype show by Matt Phillips

            Anthony Hecht, ’44 – Three Poems


1967, Summer v. 10, no. 3

            Eliza Klose, Annys Wilson, editors

            Flint Kellogg’s NAACP book, reviewed


1967, November v. 10, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Daniel Newman, ’51 (painter) article on drama/ dance classes for children


1968, February v. 11, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Opus 40 (Harvey Fite) from Hunter MFA Thesis

            Bluecher final Common Course lecture, 1967. revised and shortened

            Kline on WKNY

            Memorial Service – Charles Tremblay 4/7/1912-1/1/1968


1968, May v. 11, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Fritz Shafer, Palm Sunday sermon: Martin Luther King

            Article on Ted Weiss reading

            Ted Weiss – Three Poems

            Charles Tremblay, by Linda Edmonds


1968, August v. 11, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Bernard Bailyn – Commencement Address

            Heinrich Bluecher, Honorary Degree at his NY apartment


1968, February v. 12, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Dean Carl Selinger: “The New Individualism” Part I

            Irma Brandeis review of T. Weiss’s The Last Day and the First

            Brief reviews of works by Renee Weiss, William Humphrey, Richard Lewis, ’58,

Olga Andreyev Carlisle


1969, May v. 12, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Robert Koblitz – notes from Sabbatical in Japan

            Justus Rosenberg “A New Nation: the Lion City: - Singapore

            Christopher Magee, ’50 – “Vietnam: Living in Asia…”

            Review—Louise Fitzhugh’s Bang Bang You’re Dead


1969, August v. 12, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Erik Kiviat – Bard Lands I

            Carl Selinger – “New Individualism” Part II


1969, November v. 12, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Fred Crane review of Lyford P. Edwards’ Natural History of Revolution

            Erik Kiviat – Bard Lands II

            Marcelle Clements – interview with Tony Tuttle, ’56 Drive for the Green


1970, February v. 14, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Retrospective looks at the college:     F.Q. Shafer – Founder’s Day address, 11/2/69

                                                                        Alfred E. Everett, ’24: “Bard Fifty Years Ago”

                                                                        R.M. Gummere: “A Second Campus: An Exchange”

                                                                        (reprint from Columbia forum, Fall ’69)

            Anthony Hecht named Fellow of the Academy of American Poets


1970, May v. 13, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Quote! – William Driver

            Letters responding to Feb. ’70 articles


1970, August v. 13, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Commencement Talk – Senior Anita Schnee

            A. Appleton Packard – Alum. Memorial Service Sermon

            Honorary Degrees: Anthony Hecht, Julian Bond, Louis Kahn

            Robert Koblitz – “The Road to Washington”


1970, November v. 13, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

            New Dining Commons

            Tributes to Heinrich Bluecher: Irma Brandeis; Jack Blum

            Reprints from Bard Review v. III,  no. 2 (1949) and v. I, no. 1 (1946)

                        Mollie Boring, ’47 and Madelon Shapiro, ‘48

            Gahagan House moved


1971, February v. 14, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            “Yetta in Babylon” – story by Michael Rubin, ‘56

            Milton Avery Show – article by Matt Phillips


1971, May v. 14, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Photos from the past & present


1971, August v. 14, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Rene Dubos – Commencement Address

            Professor Richard C. Wiles – Senior Class Advisor – Dinner Speech

            Photo, with identification, class of 1931

            Honorary degrees: Eleanore Holmes Norton, Noam Chomsky, Peter Stone

            Nerissa Gibert, ’71 – Senior Project Review Boards



1971 November v. 14, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Stefan Hirsch, by Roy Moyer

            “From the Catalogue” – Ted Weiss


1972, May v. 15, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Cover – class of 1947 – 25th anniversary (inside: ’52, ’57, ’62)

            Senior Projects – Over the Years – ’72 sampling, incl. Michael Hern & Joann Gardner

            F.Q. Shafer – Remarks at memorial service for Muriel DeGre


1972, August  v. 15, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            [cover same as that used by MDG – May ‘65]

            Agnes Domandi  - Baccalaureate Address’    Judge Murray Gurfein – Commencement

            Sidney Shelov, ’37 – Alumni Trustee Dinner

            Harvey Fite letter – Brooks photo identifications (in February magazine)


1972, November         v. 15, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

Drawings – Students; poetry – alumni

Bernie Baker, ’48 – more on “Rope” photo identifications

Letter from Fr. James Whitcomb “Riley”


1973, February v. 16, no. 1

            William Walter – Guest editor (A. Wilson in England)

            Bard Students Abroad

            Larry Curtis – HEOP Director (1971-1977)

            Alvin Sapinsley Letter –reply to Bernie Baker


1973, May v. 16, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor; William Walter, guest editor

            Richard C. Wiles article : “Dollars, Devaluation and the Insanity of the System”

            “The Class That Came Back” (returned ‘drop-outs’)

            Professors Bertelsmann & Crane “look back”

            25th Anniversary for class of 1948

            Felix Hirsch honored in West Germany 1/17/73

            Blithewood Coach House Theatre Fire; Orient Fire (1959) recalled


1973, August v. 16, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Louise Kline – Bard Medal

            Professor William Lensing – Baccalaureate

            Professor John Toomey – Senior Dinner

            1973 Senior Projects, photos

            Robert Rockman – Conversation with a Lemming (Chevy Chase) CUT


1973, November v. 16, no. 4

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Reamer Kline to retire

            Volunteers of Matteawan prison

            Weinstein review of Witonski w/ Wilson elaboration

1974, February v. 17, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            The Lych Gate

            Letter from Francis Whitcomb

            New Theatre Building (Baker/ Grinnell architects)

            More photos from David Brooks

            Grossman, ’65 letter; Witonski reply to Nov. review


1974, May v. 17, no. 2

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Michael Hearn “Annotated Wizard of Oz” interviewed by Robert Rockman

            Protest from Matteawan officials on student article

            Weinstein response to Grossman on Wilson on Weinstein on Witonski

            Sapinsley response to (?) Sagalyn


1974, August v. 17, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Baccalaureate Addresses; Fred Grab; Roswell Rudd

            (Some) Class of ’74 photos; 1974 Senior Projects

            Bard Alumni/ae Art Show Catalogue available

            Back Cover: Scenes from Orient in the 1920s from Harvey Fite


1974, November

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Frank Caldiero, ’31 – article on Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Poetry

            Bard Photo Society – representative photos


1975, February v. 18, no. 1

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Leon in the Wings: “a plethora of Presidents”

            Gummere: “Jim Case Shines in Perspective: (reprint from Barrytown Explorer)

            Bard Benefit Auction

            (Tour to Majorca, Summer 1975)

            Middle states visit


1975, May v. 18, no. 2

            Flint Kellogg named to Bard Board

            Photo: The College – December 1923 with identifications

            College songs and cheers of the 1920s


1975, August v. 18, no. 3

            Annys Wilson, editor

            Professor Burton Brody: “The Case Against ‘The Case Against College’”

            Professor Robert Kelly : Baccalaureate Address

            1975 Senior Projects, some photos

            Memorial tributes to Barbara Colby