Room 408

Filing Cabinet 1, Drawer 4

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Theater Drawer


Drama/Dance Contact Prints and Unidentified Photos

Avery Art Center Theatre Productions-Dance

Zabriskie Coach House Theater Productions 1960ís-1970ís

Theater Productions

Zabriskie Coach House Theatre-Dance Classes and Theatre Productions

Orient Theatre Production 1930ís, 1940ís, Early 1950ís

Theater Unidentified Production; Unidentified Students ca. 1970ís

The Birthday Party October 1965

[Unnamed Folder]

The Plough and the Stars May 1961

No Name

A Man, A Maiden and a Tree (Wakefield Mystery Plays) June 1966

The Winterís Tale, The Father (In Repertory)

Modern Woman (Les Preciules Ridicules) May 1965

[Unnamed Folder]

The Play of Daniel December 1968

Sergeant Musgraveís Dance

Cafť Theatre

Dona Rosita Directed by W.M. Driver Ď72

Dear Brutus

The Alchemist November 1966

Rockman, LV (?) IN

Daisy Miller

Playboy of the Western World

The Three Sisters -May 1964

Master Peterís Puppet Show Spring 1966

Narrow Road To the Deep North

[Unnamed Folder]


[Unnamed Folder]

Photographer Ken Williamson-No Other Identification