Bard College Archives --Subject Files (first floor)




Drawer 1

Newspapers from 1848 -- Events in France

Poughkeepsie News Press, June 22, 1898; Poughkeepsie News Telegraph, November 12, 1898; The Sun, July 4th, 1897

John Bard, 1819-1899

Correspondence concerning Houdon, bust of Franklin, presented to the Metropolitan by John Bard in 1872]

Letters with typed copies concerning Dr. Samuel Bard (and his important sheep), and the Bard and Sandys descent [from] Peter Fauconnier

Dr Samuel Bard, 1742-1821

Dr John Bard, 1716-1799 [empty!]

Bartlett family -- Bartlett “Tomb” erected ca. late 1840s as a memorial to Ellis Bartlett; ca. 1850s, Ellis and William Bartlett to New Bedford and England

John V. L. Pruyn, trustee, diary excerpts

Richard Delafield last will dated 8/16/1928; probate 10/9/1930

Samuel Bard -- announcement of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in the Charleston Courier for October 27th 1813, given to the college by Cornelia M. Clarkson, June 15th, 1964

A Discourse on the life and character of Samuel Bard, M.D. and L.L.D., by Samuel L. Mitchell, M.D., L.L.D., 25th day of November, 1821

Sermon on the death of Governor Clinton, delivered on March 6th, 1828, by Lebbeus Armstrong (printed 1828 in Saratoga Springs)

Arthur Sands memoir [not in a folder]

Sands (Sandys) partial genealogy

St. Stephen’s Charter and By-Laws and Amendments, dates March 20th, 1860, February 8th, 1861, October 2nd, 1899, December 1899, March 1912, March 22nd, 1934

Notes on St. Stephen’s paper, read to Chancellor Livingston chapter of D.A.R., October 12th, 1934, by Charles S. Champlain, St. Stephen’s 1899

1948 report on Bard College prepared by Brent Woodruff ’25, Vice President 1959, Acting President 1960

The Missionary Society

Phi Beta Kappa

St. Stephen’s / (early Bard) pamphlets

National Canterbury Association, Canterbury Club of Bard College, 19th March 1952\

1871 graduate of St. Stephen’s, the Reverend George Stephen Bennett

Robert B. Fairbairn, Warden, 1863-1898

Announcements: affiliation with Columbia -- 1928; change of name: St. Stephen’s to Bard (1934); coeducation; termination of liaison with Columbia

Report to president Kline on “Quote!” Spring 1970 [sticky note says Typed copy in Quote file]

Jacob Probst 1892 admission to Sigma Phi fraternity

paraphrase of St. Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians, by the Reverend Francis Hawks, D.D., AD 1860

Typed copy of a letter from Thomas Hardy to a Prof. Bury (no date; no indication of any relationship of Prof. Bury with Bard)

Letter from Civil War prison camp from John Sagendorf, St. Stephen’s, 1860

The Dragon Club    

Article on St. Stephen’s “The Churchman” August 27th, 1887

Jubilee Year, St. Stephen’s, 1910

The University magazine, February 1891

Paul Hartzell ’15 -- St. Stephen’s records

St. Stephen’s / Bard songs

Bard song, Richard Sherman ‘49

Hazing lawsuit, 1904: “The Trouble at St. Stephen’s”

Students Upton & Nash drowned in Hudson, 1939

St. Stephen’s miscellany

St. Stephen’s / Bard miscellany

The Rev. George W. Dean, std. lectures for General Theological Seminary

St. Stephen’s Messenger “In Memoriam Robert Brinkerhoff Fairbairn and John Bard” March, 1899

“the” Warden’s Sermon Case, with two sermons: August 10th, 1885 and October 23rd?, 1886

sleeved photograph, perhaps Blithewood Light Infantry 1910

St. Stephen’s banner honoring alumni veterans (?)





Drawer 1

Academic matters, Arts Division / Music Dept. misc. correspondence, 1960s

Divisional / departmental academic matters / announcements

Achebe, Chinua -- professor, Languages & Literature, 1990-2009

Admissions -- application forms

Admissions -- statistics, 1945-1948

Admissions -- statistics, 1949-1950Admissions -- statistics, 1950-1955

Admissions -- statistics, 1955-1957

Admissions -- statistics, 1957-1963

Admissions -- statistics, 1963-1966

Admissions -- statistics, 1966-1969

Admissions -- statistics, 1969-1971

Admissions -- statistics, 1972-1974

Admissions -- statistics, miscellaneous, 1944-1970


AIDS committee

Acolytus, Joanne (Drama, Dance, 1980; 1998-?)

Albee, E. F. -- correspondence

Alston, Mary Nivens -- correspondence

Alston, Mary Nivens -- recitals

Alumni/ae events

            Alumni/ae Day 2010—

Alumni/ae info

Alumni/ae Association -- Constitution

Alumni/ae Association -- Executive committee, 1959-1971

Alumni/ae Newsletter, 2005

Alumni/ae -- Notes, A-K

Alumni/ae -- Notes, L-Z

Alumni/ae Memorabilia -- Burnett, Harry C. ‘40

Alumni/ae Memorabilia -- Miller, Walter ‘36

Alumni/ae Memorabilia -- Winterbottom, Harry V., WWII vet.

Alumni/ae memorabilia -- diplomas, certificates, etc., presented by the recipients or their heirs

Alumni/ae Memorabilia -- Arner, Robert Lord

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1930-39

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1940-49

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1950-59

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1960-69

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1970-79

Alumni/ae -- Newsletters/bulletins -- 1980-89

Alumni/ae -- Mailings -- 1990-99

Alumni/ae -- Notes, misc.

Alumni/ae -- What’s Up, 1993-1995

American Symphony Orchestra -- programs

Annual giving (publication), 1960s

Arboretum -- Landscape and Arboretum Program, 2008-

Artinian, Artine -- correspondence [folder 1]

Artinian, Artine -- correspondence [folder 2]

Artinian, Artine -- exhibitions

Artinian, Artine -- press

Artinian, Artine -- autobiography

Artinian, Artine -- appointment, contract info (RESTRICTED)

Artinian, Artine -- writings




Drawer 2

Alumni/ae association -- alumni/ae authors

Alumni/ae association matters -- various

Alumni/ae -- individuals

Alumni/ae association -- 1997-1998

Aumni/ae bulletin newsletter*

Alumni/ae association -- development committees and campaign council

Alumni/ae association -- fundraising efforts 1959-1980s

Alumni/ae fund -- incomplete, 1959-1975

Alumni/ae -- miscellaneous*

Alumni/ae fund -- honor roll of giving

Alumni/ae search, 1970

American Symphony Orchestra

Annandale Troupe (Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Katherine Aldritch)

125th Anniversary Year Convocation, 9/18/85

Archeology Field School

Army Specialized Training Program 1943

Art Exhibits -- pre-Proctor

Asian Studies

Association of American Colleges and Universities

Association of Episcopal Colleges

Aston Magna Concerts

Audits -- 1966, 68, 69, 70

Awards Dinners -- New York City, 1980-86

Baccalaureate Addresses 2007—

Backgrounds of Western Tradition

Bank St. College -- summer programs at Bard -- 1992-95

Bard authors

Bard Award in Medicine and Science SEE John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science

Bard buildings

Bard Center*

Bard -- Charter and Bylaws -- 1970

Bard College Center SEE Bard Center

Bard family -- Bard, James and John, steamboat artists

Bard family -- Bard, John, 1819-1899

Bard family -- Bard, Samuel, 1742-1821

Bard High School Early College in New York, 2001-02 onward

Bard Center -- proposed plan

Bard College Center -- annual reports 1979-1988

Bard College Center -- annual report 1989-90

Bard Center -- annual reports 1991-93

Bard Center -- statement of purpose

Bard Center -- conferences and symposiums

Bard Center -- evenings

Bard College Song

Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts SEE BGC

Bard lands

Bard Medal

Bard, The Case For

Barich, Susan


Drawer 3


BGC -- Bard Graduate Center for Studies… etc.

BGC -- programs [folder 1]

BGC -- programs [folder 2]

BGC -- programs, 2003-

BGC -- programs

BGIA (Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program) [date?]

Bard Weekend

Batkin, Norton

BCEP (Bard Center for Environmental Policy)


Bal, Richard ‘64

Bewly, Marius

Bellow, Saul -- press

Bellow, Saul -- house

Bertelsmann, Heinz, prof. International Relations, 1949-1977, emeritus 1977-

Bertelsmann Campus Center, 1998

Blake, Ran -- Bard Jazz Club

Blake, Ran -- correspondence

Blake, Ran -- press

Bluecher, Heinrich, 1899-1970, prof. Philosophy, 1952-67, honorary degree 1968

Blum gallery*

Blum gallery -- Blum Art Institute (some news releases & press clips, 1985-1990)

Blum gallery -- Blum clippings

Blum gallery -- shows

Blum gallery

Blum Art Institute -- board of overseers -- minutes & correspondence, 1985-1990

Blum Art Institute -- calendar of exhibitions, descriptions/catalogs, 1986-1990

Blum Art Institute -- mission statement/bylaws

Blum Art Institute -- patrons committee, 1986-1992

Boar’s Head Dinner

Bohlke, Brent

Bolton, W. F. ‘51


Drawer 4

Botstein, Leon, president 1975-

Botstein, Leon -- inauguration

Botstein, Leon -- resume

Botstein, Leon -- Franconia College

Botstein, Leon -- correspondence

Botstein, Leon -- father’s obituary

Botstein, Leon -- Jefferson’s children

Botstein, Leon, file 2:

Botstein, Leon -- memos

Botstein, Leon -- press -- 1970s

Botstein, Leon -- press -- 1980s

Botstein, Leon -- press -- 1990s

Botstein, Leon -- press -- 2000-2010

Botstein, Leon, file 3:*

Botstein, Leon -- articles by [folder 1]

Botstein, Leon -- articles by [folder 2]

Botstein, Leon -- articles by [folder 3]

Brandeis, Irma 1905-1990, prof. English, 1944-75 (with interruptions), emerita 1975-1990

Brandeis, Irma--Obituary

Bourne, Dorothy Dulles, prof. Sociology 1942-62, dean 1957-62, acting president Fall 1958, emerita 1962-1969

BRAC (Bard Racial Action Committee)

BRAVE (Bard’s Response to Rape and Associated Violence Education)

BRIDGES (Empire State partnership grant) (Bard and Red Hook School Introducing and Developing Goals for Enriching Students in the Arts)

Budget plan -- students

Burgess, Clifford ’37, “The Saints Go Marching On and On”

Bundy aid -- origin and history

Butler, Nicholas Murray, president Columbia University

Bard College Calendar -- Fall 1983-*

Campus memos -- 1993-1994

Campus memos -- Fall 1995

Campus memos -- Spring 1996

Campus memos -- Fall 1997

Campus memos -- Notices and calendars, Fall 1998

Campus memos & calendars -- Fall 1999

Campus memos & calendars -- Spring 2000

Campus memos & calendars -- 2000-2001

Common course -- report, 1954

Capital campaign -- 12th decade fund, 1970-1972

Carmen, Harry J., chairman, Board of Trustees 1951-1964

Case, James H., Jr., president

Case, James H. -- addresses, etc.

Case, James H. -- memos from

Catalogue -- production policy, 1970

Catalogue -- copies

Chapel matters -- 1944-1949

Chapel matters -- 1950s

Chapel matters -- 1960s

Chapel publications

Chapel -- St. Stephen’s -- financial appeals

Chase, James (Henry R. Loose prof. 1990-1994)





Drawer 1

Charter school (BPCS, Bard Public Charter School)

Chilton, Bruce ’71, chaplain/prof. Religion 1987-

Clergy day

Coeducation -- 1939-1942

College Bowl, Bard on the (1964)

Columbia 3-2 plan

Concerts, Bard College*


Commencement -- 1996

Commencement -- 1999

Commencement -- 2003

Commencements -- 1950, 52, 62 (Javits protest), 67, 83, 94, 76

Commencements -- 1985-86 -- PR files

Commencement -- 2006 -- press

Committees (miscellaneous & ad hoc) 1956-57

Committees, academic -- 1960s-70s

Committees, academic planning -- 1961

Committee, admissions -- minutes -- 1933-34, 38, 39

Committee, admissions -- minutes -- 1940-44

Committee, admissions -- minutes -- June 1944-May 1945

Committee on Admissions and Student Personnel -- 9/11/51-10/28/52

Committee on Student Personnel -- 1941-42, 42-43

Committee, personnel -- minutes -- 1960-61

Committee on Admissions and Student Personnel -- 11/11/52-6/20/53; 2/21 and 2/28/56

Committees, faculty -- July 21st, 1933-March 6th, 1956 (from Sottery file)

Committee on Admissions an Student Personnel (COASP) -- 9/11/56-11/6/56

Committee, faculty evaluations

Committee, faculty publicity -- Spring 1954

Committee, international programs -- 1962-63

Committee, faculty policy -- minutes -- 3/21/51-6/15/53 (incomplete)

Committee, policy -- 1951-54 (from Shafer files: “Social Regulatis, Chapel and Other Confidential Bardiana”)

Committee, policy -- 3/51-6/52 and several from ‘49

Committee on Academic Policy (COAP) -- 9/15/56-11/5/56

Committee -- faculty travel & research

Committee, Education Policy Committee -- EPC minutes Fall 1956

Committee on Academic Standards (COAS) 9/10/56-11/12/56

Committees -- Long Range Planning, 1972-1979

Committee, Executive Committee minutes, Sept. 1993-May 1995

Committee, Executive Committee minutes, 1995-1996

Committee, Executive; faculty meetings; faculty senate -- minutes, 1998-1999

Committee, Executive; faculty meetings; Senate C.O.V. -- minutes, 1999-2000

Committee, Senate/Executive & faculty meetings, 2000-2001

Committee, Executive -- AAUP

Committees -- Faculty Senate minutes Spring 1994-May 1995

Committee, Executive, 10/30/96-6/17/97

Committee, Senate/C.O.V., 10/23/96-5/21/97

Faculty meetings, St. Stephen’s, 1863 and 1866

Faculty meetings, 1996-1997*

Committee, Executive Committee minutes, 1997-1998

Community Government, 1935-1962

Community laws, 1951-1961

Community outreach, 1976-1977*

Conductors’ Institute


Drawer 2

Bard College Conservatory of Music

Contested Legacies Conference, August 2002

Continuing education/evening courses for adults, 1960

Continuing studies program [folder 1]

Continuing studies program [folder 2]

Continuing Studies -- University Without Walls -- independent studies

Copies of I.S.P. degrees granted*

Commission on Higher Education -- Middlestates

Faculty Action Documents -- C.S.P.

Faculty Action Documents -- C.S.P. Superseded Policy

C.S.P. -- correspondence

Conferences -- student participation

Convocation fund expenditures, 1979

Convocations in general

Cook, Frederick G., faculty 1975-77; librarian 1974-79 -- correspondence

Cook, Frederick G., librarian 1974-79

Cook, Fred -- archives correspondence

Coover, Robert -- English and Spanish, 1966-1967

Corti, Louis Felon, prof. from 1927-1941

Course lists -- Spring 1952-Fall 1959 (incomplete)

Course proposals by students

Crane, Fred -- history, 1949-1978; emeritus 1978-1990

CRES (Community Regional and Environmental Studies)

Center for Curatorial Studies -- Events

Center for Curatorial Studies -- exhibitions

Center for Curatorial Studies -- press

Center for Curatorial Studies -- program

Chase, Chevy ‘68

Clark, James Starr (Margaret E. Clark Sumner manuscript), 1959

Curriculum committee, faculty, 1993-1994

Curriculum committee, 1968-69

Curriculum committee, 1970 (incl. Mohawk Mtn. conference on curriculum, Feb. 1969)

Curriculum commission, presidential, 1991-93 -- report Jan. 1993\

Dance programs/announcements, 1954-1964

Dance concert programs, 1959-1970

Dance concert programs, 1970-1984

Dance concert programs, 1992-1999

Danner, Blythe ‘65

Davis, Arnold ’44, qualified trustee, president of Alumni Assoc.

DeGre, Muriel


Drawer 3

Memos from deans, 1956-1970

Memos from deans, occasional, 1993-99

Memos from deans, 1999-2000

Memos from deans, 2000-2001

Memos from deans, 2006-

DeGre, Gerard, sociology, 1946-1968

Deinhard, Hanna (Associate Professor of Art 1961-1965)

Deloria, Vine ‘26

DeMan, Paul, French, 1949-1951

Development office -- annual calendars

Development office -- miscellaneous

Dewsnap, Terence* [to catalog Bardiana]

Diversity report, 2003

Division, Literature -- activities late ‘60s and ‘70s

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Divisional brochures

Division, Literature -- Languages and Literature at Bard

Dominy, Michelle, anthropology, asst. prof 1981-88; assoc. prof. 1988-94; prof. 1994-; Dean of College, 2001-

Down the Road: Pola Chapel Coffee House & Café, Fall 1986

Drama/Dance -- programs, flyers, 1969-1972


Drama/Dance -- programs, flyers, 1959-1966

Ducornet, Guy, ’60, French 1966-68

Dupee, F. W., literature, 1944-1949; 1954-1956

Duncan, Robert

Ecclesia et Collegium, 1964-1967* [to catalog as Bard publication]

E.E.C. program (Excellence at Equal Cost) 1986-1988

Edwards, Lyford P., sociology, 1920-1948; emeritus 1951-? * [remove photographs!]

Ellison, Ralph, visiting lecturer English, 1958-1961


[cabinet 3 drawers 3-4 not yet inventoried]





Drawer 1

Hagman, Larry

Haight, Charles (St. Stephen's architect)

Harris, Thomas R. (Warden 1904-1907)

Hazing lawsuit, 1904

Hecht, Anthony Evan '44 (Faculty 1952-55, 1962-67; Honorary Degree 1970)

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Hirsch, Elisabeth (Prof. Philosophy 1949-1954)

Hirsch, Elisabeth--Voices of Bard page

Hirsch, Elisabeth Feist--Publications

Hirsch, Felix (librarian, prof. History 1936-1954)

Hirsch, Felix--Voices of Bard page

Hirsch, Felix--Alumni correspondence

Hirsch, Felix

Hirsch, Felix--Publications & Mss.

Hirsch, Felix--Papers--Japanese materials

Hirsch, Stefan (prof. Art 1943-61)

Hirsch, Stefan, 1898-1964 (prof. Art 1943-61) ***

Hirsch, Stefan--Photos

History--Bard family

History--Dorm names

History--Dorms--1884 Service at laying of cornerstone for Potter/McVickar

History--Christopher McGee sr. project (from Kline files for his History)


Graduation lists--Columbia Degrees

St. Stephen's/Columbia--List of those to whom letters were sent (10,11,12/30)

Hoffman, Charles Frederic (trustee 1881-1887)

Honorary Degree Recipient(s?) [tiny folder…]

Honorary Degrees, 1947

Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degree Recipients, 1950-67

Honorary Degrees, 1971, 72, 78


Honey, John C. '39

Honors lists

Hopson, George Bailey (prof. Latin 1863-1916; acting Warden 1898-99, 1903-04, 1907-09

Hopson's Reminiscences of St. Stephen's College

Hudson Valley Chamber Music Circle

HVPCO [Hudson Valley Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra] "New Horizons," 1990-91

Hudson Valley Regional Review (HVRR) and Hudson Valley Studies

Houghton, Alanson B. (trustee 1917-1933; U.S. House of Representatives from the 37th District of NY)


Hutton, Peter (prof. Film 1984-)

HVP [Hudson Valley Philharmonic [Chamber Orchestra]]

HVP Arts Center [also marked "NO IDEA FILE" which would be appropriate for many of these]

Independent Study--Field Periods 1949 & '60: Trial Baloons [sic] for Proposed FOUR QUARTER PLAN ???

Inside World [SLC newsletter]

International Academy for Scholarship and the Arts, 1988-1995

International Center of Photography

[blank folder]

IDP (Immediate Decision Plan)

Inner College, 1971

Institute for International Liberal Education

Institute for Writing & Thinking

Intergenerational Seminars

International Honors Program

International Human Rights Exchange

International Student Conferences, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955

International Student Conference, 1952


Itelman, Ana (prof. Dance 1957-1969)

[an issue of Daidalos, German architecture & design magazine]

The Bard Bibliolog (Aaron Fessler, librarian), June 1966-November 1970 (incomplete?)

John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science

Jones, Anna Margaret

Bard Retriever (Journalism program)

Journalism program

Jordy, William '39

Journal of the History of Sexuality


Drawer 2

Jaeger, Werner

Kappa House

Katz, Jeffrey

Kettler, David

Kellogg, Flint, 1959-1960 [what are those dates?] ***

China, 1925-26 (with Kellogg papers?)

Kellogg, Flint--Correspondence

Kellogg, Flint--Correspondence (2nd file)

Kellogg, Flint--Correspondence (3rd file)

Kellogg, Professor C. Flint, 1963-64


Kellogg, Flint--Correspondence--[many many files by year…]

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Correspondence--Kline era, Botstein era

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Chaplaincy & AEC (Association of Episcopal Colleges)

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--John & Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Awards--Alumni (Bard) Medal, Episcopal Layman's Award, Albee Jay Nock Award

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Undergraduate records

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Kellogg Library

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Undergraduate years, 1927-31

Kellogg, Flint--Correspondence [more!!]

[…and more correspondence…]

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Trustee 1975-80

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Gifts to College, including named Chairs

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Class of 1931 reunions, 1961 and 1966

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Gifts to College (other than Awards & Chairs, including 12th Decade Fund)

Kellogg, Flint--New items

Kellogg, Flint--Papers--Honorary Degree, 1960, and misc.

Kellogg, Professor Flint, 1960-61

Kellogg, C. Flint '31

Kelly, Robert

King, Martin Luther

Kiviat, Erik--"Bard Lands"


Drawer 3

[at the bottom of the drawer is the guestbook for a "Party for Reamer & Louise Kline, June, Probably/Perhaps in 1970"]

Honorary Degrees--Reamer Kline

Kline, Reamer

5/4/74 Dinner in honor of Reamer Kline & Mrs. Kline

Scraps & Snips

[illegible: O-something]

Kline--Flint Kellogg file [???]

[Unlabeled Kline-related folder]

Kline, Reamer--Clippings

Kline, Reamer--Clippings--elected President of Bard College [maroon folder]

President Kline--Communications to faculty, students, campus, other constituents

Inauguration--Dr. Reamer Kline

Kline faculty appointments

Bard descendents ***

Kline--History--Misc. notes, many handwritten…

Kline--History--Notes, revisions & re-revisions

Kline--Early (first?) version of chapters IV, V and VI, which became V, VI and VII

Kline manuscript

Kline manuscript

Kline manuscript--Early draft & notes for talk

Kline--History--Julia O'Neill (typist)--Notes & queries

Kline--History--Interviews; Correspondence; Readers' Reports

Kline--History--First Carbon (LBK)

Kline--History--Notes on publishing; late revisions; correspondence

Kline--History--Chapter outlines & notes

Kline--Clippings--Biographical notes used for Bard History

Kline--Material for his book: B. I. Bell--copies of writing and some correspondence--Tewksbury ('30s); Case ('50s)

Kline--Material for History--Bard & the Church

[Manila folder labeled] Early draft of Reamer's book on Bard

Kline--Misc. notes for History

Kline--History--Copies miscellaneous documents, announcements, etc.

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Chapters I-III

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Chapters IV-V

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Chapters VI-VII

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Appendices & notes

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Final manuscript--Front matter - Chapter III

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Final manuscript--Chapters IV-V

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Final manuscript--Chapters VI-VII

Kline, Reamer--Education for the Common Good--Final manuscript--Appendices & notes

Koblitz, Robert J. (prof. Government/Political Studies 1951-86; Emeritus 1986-)

Koch, Howard '22

Koenig, Louis W.

Kritzler, Henry


Drawer 4

Lacoste School of the Arts

Leslie J. A. Lang '30

Lang, Rev. Leslie '30 (trustee 1959-64)

Language & Thinking Program--Writing Institute

Leadership Campaign, 1990

Lectures/Talks (various)

Lectures--Photos, some info., mostly 1977-

Leigh, Robert D. (pres. Bennington; acting Dean of Bard, September 1939-January 1940)

Leigh, Robert D.--1940 "Final Report to the President and Board of Trustees of Bard College" by Robert D. Leigh of Bennington

Lensing, William

Levine, Stuart (prof. Psychology 1964-; Dean 1980-2001)

Leonard, Clair

Leonard, Clair [again]

Levine, Stuart (Stuart Stritzler-Levine)

Jerome Levy Institute


Richard Lewis & Walter Vogl Memorial, December 1, 1953 (students killed in auto accident 12/1/51)

Libraries: Hoffman (1893); Kellogg (1974); Stevenson (1993)

Libraries--Kellogg Library Dedication, 10/8/76

Librarians--Academic status

Library--Blithewood book storage--Problems (and solutions?) 1973-76

Library--Need to expand facility, 1962-63


Library--Monthly financial statements

Library Committee

Library--Financial statements (some), 1970-1978

Library--"From the Columns" (incomplete)

Library--Articles, Handbooks, News


Library--Krakauer papers 1971-1972


[several folders marked "MOVE"]

Library--Promotional materials

Library--Monthly reports 1962-65

Library--Rededication, 10/2/1993


Library--Reports 1938-1939

Lifetime Learning Institute

Lindsley, James Elliott '52--Copies of letters from B. I. Bell 1949-55

Local history--Misc. items

Local history--1869 Diary of John Neher Lewis

Local history--Miscellaneous

Local history--Pamphlets--Val-Kill; NYS History Network; Dutchess Historian; Dutchess Planner; etc.

Local history--Livingston descendants: Rokeby, Sylvania, etc.

Local history--Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites: Proposal for Hyde Park study

"Water Tap" Hudson River


Cabinet 5


Drawer 1


History--Magee, Chris--Correspondence re: his senior project on the College

Magee, Christopher ‘50

Maillol Art

Professor MALCOM 1894-98 Documents

Manea, Norman—Frances Flournay Prof. 1989—

Maple, William (Biology 1973—)


Maps of Bard and West of the Hudson

MFA (Master of Fine Arts—Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts) 1981— (miscellany)

MSES Master of science in Environmental Studies

[Unlabeled folder containing MSES pamphlets, etc.)

MAT (proposal—1952—)



Master Plan—1967

Master Plan—1988-89

            Joint Long Range Planning committee; Report: June 23, 1967 (with Sherwood/Wills/Smith PLAN)

Matriculation Speeches

MARY McCARTHY Lang & Lit –1945-47, Charles P. Stevenson Prof. of Lit. 1985-October ’89, Honorary Doctor of Humanities 1976

            McCarthy, Mary




James MERRILL; Lang. & Lit. Faculty early ‘50’s; Principal Donor: Brandeis Chair

MES (Multicultural Ethnic Studies)

MFA Faculty; Artists-in-Residence

MFA; Master of Fine Arts (Brochures)

Middle States Evaluations; some data for: 1942, 1953, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1997

MA. Decorative Arts

Avery Graduate School of the Arts

Miller, W. L. Class of 1929

Montgomery Place

Moderation Documents, etc.



Drawer 2



Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Bard Music Festival—2003



Music Performances

Music Department

Music Program Zero

Mutual Security Agency

NEUE Rheinische Zeitunga

Newman, Daniel U. Class of 1951

Nock, Albert Jay Class of 1892 Excerpts

Nock, Albert J.—Reviews, Commentaries


Nursery School Memories

Oberholzer, Emil, Jr. Class of 1948


Observer Project; Summer 1999

Obreshkove, Vasil

Obreshkove, Vasil

Oja, Frank; Professor of Psychology

The Rev. William OLSSEN; St. Stephen’s 1871-1902

Open Space Initiative


Dimitri PAPADIMITRIOU; Executive V.P. (etc) 1978—

Parents Day

Parents’ Leadership Council


Fr. Joseph Gibson Parsell; St. Stephen’s ’26 (or ’28?); Honorary Degree

Peer Counseling Program 1976-83


Drawer 3


Papers, Local

Patrick, Charles; Athletic Director at bard 1959-1979

Matt Phillips—Show Announcements

Matt Phillips

Pines, James M. Class of 1946



Bard College—Press—1980’s

Prison Initiative

Potter, Henry C. Trustee

Proctor Art Center: Dedication 1965

Proctor Art Center: Exhibitions 10/64—10/74

Proctor Art Center Shows 2/3/76—10/20/94; Tom Wolf. Art Center Director

Proctor Art Center Flyers

“PROGRAMS” 1990’s



“QUOTE !”—1970

Radio at Bard WXBC         

Ravine Houses; Modular Dorms; 1972

The Red Balloon

Rites and Ceremonies—“Burning the Algebra”

Ransohoff, Daniel J. Class of 1943

Regional Planning: Proposed Course; (Tewksbury; Hirsch; Sanford) 1935-37

Registrar; Notes/Records

Registration Statistics Spring & Fall 1970

Registration Statistics; Office of the Registrar; Spring 1971

Registration Statics; Office of the Registrar; 9/6—12/9 1974

Resignation Requests


Drawer 4


Herbert (Herb) RITTS ’74 (Photographer)

Robert Rockman (Instructor, Ass’t. assoc., Professor—English and Drama—1956-2001

Rockefeller University Program

Rodewald, Clark—correspondence, professional

Rodewald, Clark

William Cunningham Rodgers; President 1909-1919; Fund Raising

William c. Rodgers; President 1909-1919; Reports 10/06/09—04/23/25

Rodgers, William C. President 1909-1919; Misc. correspondence 11/15/12—5/12/15; Hopson resignation 5/2/15 (filed separated by date)

Rosenau, James M. Class of 1948


Michael ROSENTHAL—Prof. Chem; Assoc. Dean (65-84)

Richard Rovere ‘37

Sapinsley, Al ‘42

Schanker, Professor Louis; bard Professor of Art 1949-1961

Schmidt, Hugo ‘52

Scholarships (Various)

Schuyler House

David Schwab ’52 Trustee 1965—

Science Club


Selinger, Carl; Dean of the College 1968-75

Senior Projects 1938-1970; Aaron Fessler catalogue

Senior Projects 1980-1984; By Division; A. Wilson listing

Senior Projects: Instructions/Policy

[untitled folder containing an “acceptance speech”]

The Rev. George F. SEYMOUR; Trustee & Warden 1860-1861; (First instructor at what

            was to become St. Stephen’s)

Shafer, Frederick Quentin ’37; Chaplain & Professor Religion 1944-49; 1959-78; B. I.

            Bell Professor 1978-89; Emeritus 1989—

Shafter, Frederick Q. 1985 Baccalaureate Address; Late Writings; Lecture Notes

Shafter, Frederick Quentin ‘37

Margaret Creal Shafter

Shore, Stephen

Shoul, Bernice; Asst. Professor of Economics 1955-59

[2 untitled folders containing Simon’s Rock pamphlets]

Simpson, Michael

Simpson, Mona; Sadie Samuelson Levy Professor in Languages and Literature 1988—

Smith, Abbott Emerson

Isaac Bashevis Singer




Cabinet 6


Drawer 1


Music-Visiting Artists (1960, 65, 67, 68)

January Conferences 1978-1990

Episcopal Layman Award, John and Samuel Bard Medal, Alumni Medal

Weekend of Seminars August 19-21, 1977

Tribute Dinner for Faculty Emeriti 6/3/77

Programs-Misc. Events/Seminars

School for Small Business: Spring 1948

John Bard Lectures November 1979

St. Stephens and Bard in the News

St. Stephens in the News December 1915- September 1916

Clippings- St Stephens College Notes 1919-1920

College News St. Stephens/Bard (Summer and Winter 7/5/33-8/1/36)

Presidents- St. Stephens/Bard 1860-1975

Reports of St. Stephens Wardens to Board of Trustees

Concert Programs S.S.C./Columbia, Bard/Columbia, Bard 12/19/29-1958

Concerts, Etc.

Student Health Services

James H. Case Memorial Lectures 1969-1972

Trustees, Former Trustees In the News

Carl Schurz Memorial Centennial 1952

Tug-of-War Contest

Campus Notices 1994-1995: Dean, Financial, Human Resources, Misc., Open Positions

            Open, President, Student Services

            Misc. Campus memos and Announcements 10/19/96-6/17/97

Conferences at Bard



Drawer 2


Admissions Pamphlets and Brochures (1 and 2)

PR Materials

Samuel Goldberg-Gifts 1971-79


Gifts 1979-1980

Gifts Misc. 1971-1977

Gifts Faculty and Staff

Gifts-Students and Former Students

Gifts- Substantial or Continuing

Gifts-Diamond 3/92

Gifts-Ghani Shakespeare Collection 1989 (650 Volumes)

Gifts- Restricted Funds 1870’s

Gifts- Correspondence General


Gift- Bewely

Gift-Meyer Collection

Gift- Morehouse



Drawer 3 Empty


Drawer 4


Bard Center Publications Misc.

Off Campus Resources (No Label)


Fund Raising-Appeals and Reports

Levy Publications

Misc. Publications (no label)

St. Stephen’s Publications

View Book 1950’s

St. Stephens Photo Proofs



Cabinet 7


Drawer 1


Senate and C.O.V. 1991-2

Senate and C.O.V. 1992-3

Senate and C.O.V. 1993-4

Settle, Mary Lee

Senior Project Guidelines

            Senior Project Considerations

            Senior Project Guide 1948, Compiled by Madeleine DeBaun

            Senior Guide 2007

            Senior Project Guidelines 1974

Social Studies Division Minutes and some Correspondences 1951-3, Dorothy Dulles


Social Studies Division Minutes 1956-1958 DeGre and Bertelsmann

Social Studies Division Minutes 1959 Bertelsmann, 1960 Lensing, 1961 Shafer

Social Studies Division Minutes 1962-3 Bertelsmann

Budgets and Budget Matters 1951-1953 (D.D. Bourne-Chair) 1953-1955 (F. Crane


Social Studies Club 1959

Economics Searches- Applications and Correspondences 1953-55, 57-61

Social Studies Division Confidential Faculty Evaluations; Rehiring Recommendations

            and Applications 1955-60

Social Studies Division: John Bard Lectures and Correspondence 1951-55, 1957-8,


Social Studies Division: Misc. Correspondence 1953-63

Social Studies Division: Policy Considerations 1945, 1949-62

Social Studies Division: Projects and Moderations, Scheduling, Reports, and

            Correspondence 1942-63


C.T. Sottery—Chemistry 1929-63; Emeritus 1963

Prof. C. Theodore Sottery 25th Anniversary dinner: 6/10/53; Dedication of Sottery Hall


C.T. Sottery Files, St. Stephs-Baell(?); Historical Notes—Robinson + Gibrane(?)

Sottery, CT—Winter Field Period—1930’s-1940’s

Sottery, CT—Early Bard Period—1934-1944

Sottery, CT—President (Gray)’s Reports—1940-1941

Sottery, CT—Bard/Columbia Separation—1943

Sottery, CT—Bard Education Comments; Manuscript

Sottery, CT—“Crisis”—1959-1960

Sottery, CT—Crises—1933, 1938, 1953, 1954, 1960

Sottery, CT—‘Common Course’ Evaluation—1954

Sottery, CT—sophomore Moderation Evaluation 1933

Sottery, CT—Community Council—1939-1942

Sottery, CT—“Transition Year”—1934; includes Tewksbury’s An Educational Program

            for St. Stephen’s College

Sottery, CT—Bard Bulletins, Catalogs, Brochures—1930-1944

Sottery, CT—Community Government 1943-1960

Sottery, CT—Campus Memos and Correspondences 1930’s; includes organizational


Sottery, CT—Faculty Matters; Salary, Housing, Evaluation, Tenure—1933-1959

Sourian, Peter; Professor—English 1957—

St. Stephen’s Accountants’ Reports 1929, 1930

Staff Data/ Listings

Elizabeth Stambler; English(1959-90) Emeritus 1990—

Stevenson, Charles P.

Stone, Peter

Drawer 2


Student Activities Office

Student Protests

1979 Student Association Check records

Student Government

Student Protest/ Ludlow Takeover

Student Strike 1991

Senate (etc.) Elections 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, + ?

Student Association 1978 + 1979: Computer data and Programs

Bard Student Association

Student Association: Constitution etc. 1980’s-‘90’s

Student Government 1960’s

Student Senate 1974-76

Budget Requests—Spring 1975

Student Clubs—1983: Statements of Purpose

Student Life Report 1968

Student Publications/Efforts Miscellaneous

Sturmthal, Adolf

Summer Conference Work


Symposium, Bard-1952

Tewkesbury, Donald G.; Acting Dean/Dean; St. Stephen’s/Bard 1933-37

Tieger, Bernard

Theatre Programs—1920’s and 30’s

Theatre Programs—1930’s

Theatre Programs April 1947-1958

Theater Programs ’60 + ’67-‘69

Theatre Programs November 1959-1965

Bard Theater Tickets

Theatre Programs October ’70-December ‘79

Theatre Programs March 1980- May 1989

Theatre Programs April 1990- April 1999

Tipple, David

Toth, Charles W. (Class of 1946)

Prof. Joan Tower

Transportation Schedule 1990’s

Charles Tremblay; Professor Mathematics 1948-68


Drawer 3


Trustee Leader Scholars

Trustee Lists: St. Stephen’s; SSC/Bard—1862-1970; Bard—’58, ’59, ’63, ’67, ’70-‘71

St. Stephen’s Trustees—some biographies from The National Cyclopaedia

Trustees—Miscellaneous and/or undated matters

Twelfth Decade Fund 1971-72

Twelfth Decade Fund

The Union for experimenting colleges and Universities

United Nations Visitors May 14, 1950

Voorhees, Edward M.; Assistant/Associate Professor, English; Languages & Literature


Andrews Wanning; Professor of English 1951-1977

Washington Prayer Book—Correspondence 1911-1938

Washington Prayer Book—Request for Loan

Fessler, Aaron Washington Prayer Book

Washington Prayerbook 93-95

Washington Prayer Book

William Weaver; Bard Center Fellow—1992-

Weight, Claire

Weiss, Theodore (T.); (Lit 1948-69)

Susan Wender Lowenstein Kitchell—Bard ‘48

Susan Wender Lowenstein ‘48

Joan Williams class of 1950

Wilson, Annys-Correspondence

William Wilson; Professor of English; 1967—

Winter College 1960, 61, and 62; 1979; Summer College 1960

Wolff, Kate; Instr/Assoc Prof Music 1945-58; 1960-73; Emerita 1973—

            Asst. to the Dean 1957-60; Art Librarian 1960-61

Kate Wolff Concert Programs

Condolence Communications to Kate, following Werner’s Death

Werner Wolf articles: by and about

Wolff, Wener; Asst/Prof Psychology 1943-57

50 Years of Women at Bard; May 1998

Woodruff, Acting Pres


Bard Work/Study Evaluation

Zabriskie; Christian—school notebooks; Julia—history notebook—1910

Zabriskie—effort to change name of Annandale Post office to Cedar Hill

Zabriskie Mss; etc.

[Untitled folder containing thick notebook of Julia Zabriskie’s history notes]


Drawer 4:


Filled with misc. cassette and video tapes