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Alumni Biography. Author Unknown. (1968)
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Bard College Press (1929) Bard Family
Bard – Felix Hirsch’s Biographical Notes
Bard – Dictionary of American Biography
Bard Family Exhibit (1938)
Bard Reflections. Unidentified Authors. (1935)
Bard—St. Stephen’s Alumni Magazine – Articles by: Frederick Hugh Shafer, ’37; Alfred E. Everett , ’24; Richard M. Gummere
Bard—St. Stephen’s Memoirs – Authors: John A. Crosby; Jim Everett, ’33; John N. Lewis; Arthur L. Gellert
Bartlett Family and Estate
Champlin, Rev. Charles S. – “Some notes on St. Stephen’s College [Now Bard College]” (1934)
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Founder’s Day
Grandin, Ed, ’37 – “The First Ninety Years were the Hardest” Gray, Charles Harold – “What Bard is About” (circa 1943)
Hamlin, Huybartje Lansing Pruyn – “Remembrances of a Bard Family” – includes a
letter from Sylvia Ozanne, granddaughter of John Bard (circa 1956)
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Correspondance and Diaries of Susan Bard Johnston” (1930)