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How to Prepare for Study Abroad

How to Prepare for Study Abroad

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Have questions about studying abroad and Bard Abroad? We have answers!

Bard students:
Trish Fleming
, Bard Study Abroad Adviser

All students:
Hannah Barrett for programs at Bard College Berlin

Jen Murray for programs at Al-Quds Bard

Leiah Heckathorn for programs at CEU

Quinton Scribner for programs at Smolny and AUCA 

1) Meet with an Adviser

Talk to the study abroad office at your school! Will credits transfer? Do you need approval to go abroad? Are there any internal policies to be aware of?

2) Program Search

Where do you want to go? Is there a region you'd like to research? Do you have requirements to fulfill while abroad? Is the program approved by your school?

3) Passport

Do you have a valid passport? Countries require that it be valid for months after your departure, so be sure to check how long it needs to be valid after the end of the program.

4) Petition to Go

Some schools require that students petition for approval to study abroad. Make sure you are approved or on track to do so before applying directly to a program. 

5) Funding 

Talk to the Financial Aid office at your school. Does financial aid follow you abroad? Do you need to find other funding options? Bard Abroad offers scholarships for qualifying students. 

6) Apply

Apply directly to your program. Beware of deadlines and request transcripts and other documentation well ahead of the deadline.