Bard Abroad in the West Bank

Eligibility and Requirements

Participants from a diversity of academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.  Arabic language is not a pre-requisite for admission. Applications from students who fall into any of the following categories are particularly encouraged:

  • Undergraduate students at North American colleges or universities with a 3.0 GPA or higher are invited to apply. 
  • Applicants are typically second-, third-, and fourth-year students.  In certain cases, recent graduates may also be eligible to participate.
  • Students who have taken courses in and/or are majoring or minoring in Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Students possessing one year or more of college-level Arabic.
  • Students who have taken courses in and/or are majoring in human rights, social justice, peace studies or international relations.
  • Students who bring a diverse perspective to the program.
  • Students of Palestinian and Arab heritage.
Given that this program is located in a challenging region of the world, students must also be able to demonstrate that they possess a high level of emotional and psychological maturity, the ability to remain flexible and patient in the face of ambiguity, cross-cultural sensitivity and tolerance, and a willingness to provide feedback and input to strengthen the program for future participants.

We strongly encourage prospective students to discuss their plans with their academic advisor to ensure that the program's curriculum fits into their planned course of studies at their home institution.  Furthermore, we advise potential applicants to meet with their study abroad adviser to learn more about their school's approval process for study abroad and also to determine whether their school has any restrictions on travel to the West Bank.


Application deadlines are as follows:
March 1 Summer Language Intensive
April 1 Fall Semester / Academic Year
October 1 Spring Semester

Early applications are strongly encouraged. Applicants should receive notification of their admission status within two weeks of completing the application process.

Passport and Visa Requirements

At the time of application, students must have a valid passport, be in the process of obtaining a new passport, or be in the process of renewing a current passport. According to Israeli immigration, passports must be valid for a minimum of twelve months after the date of return to the US.

Students who do NOT hold a US passport should consult Bard Abroad regarding the visa application process.