Bard Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Arts and Society

Arts and Society

Arts & Society in Berlin


The program is based in artistic practice, including studio arts, performance, media, and the interplay among them. History and theory courses take an interdisciplinary approach to draw upon the wealth of Berlin's museums, monuments, galleries, performances, and non-traditional venues.

This curriculum option is a combination of practicing arts, arts themed academics, and an internship or curatorial studies seminar.  There are no prerequisites and students may freely choose 4 courses from throughout the curriculum. Courses are worth 4 credits.

The Arts and Society track supports students who are coming to Berlin specifically to:
  • Make work under the supervision of Berlin based artists
  • Explore connections between the arts, academic humanities, and social engagement
  • Experience the city’s arts culture as a participant

Cultural Program

Culturally rich and artistically diverse, Berlin is an exciting city to explore.  Bard Abroad in Berlin's cultural program exposes students to a wide variety of artistic, historical and cultural experiences. Listed below are sample excursions from previous semesters.

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Bard College Berlin offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience along with their academic courses through an internship seminar. In addition to the internship itself, a weekly seminar class provides context and reflection.  In order to provide an overview of working life in Berlin the seminar draws on readings from diverse sources and takes students on related field trips. Students are placed with regards to their experience, skills, interests and the availability and needs at the host organization.  Our list of internship hosts is constantly growing. For comprehensive information about the Internship seminar please follow the link below.