Bard Abroad in Budapest, Hungary

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Alumni Resources

Resources for Alumni/ae

Want to go back? Students who have attended our Bard Abroad in Budapest program tend to fall in love with Hungary and Europe.  Below is a growing list of opportunities for our alumni/ae:

Job Sites for Bard Abroad Students
A website that provides listings of jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, organizations, events, programs, resources, and people, mainly in the nonprofit field. You can narrow your search by minimum salary, education requirements, professional level, employment type, job function, areas of focus, and location.  Anyone can sign up and post their own events, jobs, opportunities, etc.
Website is a specialized digital service of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humaniarian Affairs. Provides listings of humanitarian and development jobs. Searches can be narrowed by job type-- (consultancy, internships, job, volunteer opportunity)-- career categories-- (administration/HR, finance/accounting/auditing, information technology, information/communications, management, monitoring and evaluation)-- job years of experience, theme, country, organization, or closing date. You can subscribe to this website via email, or advertise your own job listings on reliefweb. The website also lists current international disasters, humanitarian training programs, and general updates about the international news scene.
Website of the foreign policy association. Users can search or post global jobs and events. Job searches can be narrowed down by location, experience, or sector (ie, commercial, government, education, or non profit. Users can also search for foreign policy schools, career “boot camps,” and can also sign up for job alerts by becoming a member. 

More Global Job Opportunities
The website of the East-West Institute, which is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with offices in New York, Brussels, and Moscow. The website offers information on jobs and programs in Russia, China, the United States, and Southwest Asia. Jobs and opportunities can also be narrowed by economic security, cybersecurity, and weapons of mass destruction. The website also offers news, ideas, and resources specific to each program.

One of the largest global job searches with over 1 million opportunities for jobs. Thousands of new jobs are uploaded every day. This website is convenient for searching for jobs in Eastern Europe and Asia, in different categories.
This job search for the Instititute for International Education offers a small search for jobs in any of the IIEs locations including New York, Washington DC, Texas, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and the Phillipines. IIE promotes educational ties among people all over the world and works to strengthen institutional links globally. If this kind of work interests you, you should search for jobs with IIE on their search engine listed above.
Going Global provides country-specific employment information, including world-wide internship and job postings, employer listings, and career resources that are updated daily.
Uniworld remains the most trusted source for up-to-date multinational business contact information with listings in over 200 countries.While Uniworld is not free, it offers a number of private job opportunities that may not be listed on public search engines. What is truly unique about this website is that you can access a number of more helpful resources within it; you can differentiate between foreign firms working in the US, and American firms working in foreign countries.