Bard Abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia 

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Undergraduate students at North American colleges or universities with a 3.0 GPA or higher are invited to apply. 
  • Applicants are typically second-, third-, and fourth-year students.
  • A minimum Russian language level equivalent of four college semesters of instruction is required for the fall or spring semester.
  • Independent students and recent graduates are eligible for participation in Summer Language Intensive, but cannot be considered for the semester and year programs.


Application deadlines are as follows:
March 1 Summer Language Intensive
April 1 Fall Semester / Academic Year
October 1 Spring Semester

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly encouraged. Applicants should receive notification of their admission status within two weeks of completing the application process.

Passport and Visa Requirements

At the time of application, students must have a valid passport, be in the process of obtaining a new passport, or be in the process of renewing a current passport. According to Russian visa regulations, passports must be valid for a minimum of eighteen months after the program end date.