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New Semester Program!

Arts and Society in Berlin

Explore one of the world's most exciting experimental space in which the arts collide head on with history and politic.

New Summer Programs!

Summer Theater Intensive in Berlin
Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge theater, performance and culture of Berlin!

German Summer Language Intensive
Learn German while exploring this historic & culturally rich city.

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Bard College Berlin
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About Bard College Berlin

With small, discussion-based classes, an innovative and challenging core curriculum, students from nearly 40 different countries, and a world-class teaching faculty, Bard College Berlin provides a range and depth of education that is unique. Our courses are based on the awareness that fundamental questions—such as how to build a good society, the aims and uses of scientific research, or the function and future of art—are central to all areas of human life and culture and need to be engaged directly in order to create solutions for the future. This involves cultivating the capacity for sustained reflection and critical thinking, as well as excellent speaking and writing skills, the ability to debate in a well-informed and open way, and civic-mindedness both inside and outside the classroom. Classes are small, allowing close interaction among students and faculty, and are taught in English.

Our History

Bard College Berlin was founded in 1999 as the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA), with the aim of creating a first-rate liberal arts institution in Europe. Over the years, it established itself as an institution with an uncompromising profile, attracting excellent students from all over the world. In November 2011, the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation transferred ownership of ECLA to Bard College. The name was subsequently changed to Bard College Berlin, a Liberal Arts University. Visit to learn more!

Life on Campus

Studying at Bard College Berlin is a genuinely international experience. With almost 40 nationalities and nearly as many languages represented in the student body, students learn intercultural communication skills and develop a network of friends around the world. Bard College Berlin's residential campus in the Pankow neighborhood of the former East Berlin boasts historic buildings with beautiful gardens, renovated into comfortable dorms, a library, studios, and performance space. The cafeteria offers excellent dining options, and the fitness facilities are just a short walk from the student residences.