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Bard's Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts the Difference and Media Project, an interdisciplinary, extra-departmental space for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
Difference at Bard

Difference at Bard

Inspired by the interdisciplinary, problem-focused nature of the MIT Media Lab, which MIT describes as an “atelier” environment, the Difference and Media Project creates a multimedia laboratory space for “difference.” Difference, broadly speaking, includes race, sexuality, religion, national origin, class, or other ability, but is not restricted to those categories. Difference, of course, is not necessarily an idea that can be captured within these categories, which can only be preliminary and provisional. Media includes written texts, live performance, plays, digital artworks, conversation, art installations, or site-specific interactions with the landscape. The laboratory format allows for rigorous play, spontaneous interactions, and creative analysis.

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