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Students make a difference at Bard in many ways, whether by starting an environmental TLS project, volunteering as an EcoRep, or by making sustainable choices where they live, learn and play..
Bard and local students help a salamander cross the road as part of the Amphibian Migration Project.


EcoReps are student volunteers who act to improve sustainable behavior in their residence halls, on campus and among peers.  In addition to ensuring that the proper recycling containers are present in their living and study spaces, EcoReps meet consistently and hold events to improve outreach of sustainable knowledge and practices at Bard and in the community. 

For more information, contact your nearest EcoRep Coordinator (see table below), email, Laurie Husted at, or Sustainability Engagement Intern Eliot Meyer -, or find us on Facebook:

EcoRep Coordinators
Violette Swidler McCausland
Evan Tims Wolff
Matias Vanorder Gonzalez Bleucher
Emma Washburn Bleucher
Clara Duman Village K
Michael Callejo Off Campus Students

What does it take to be an EcoRep?

For a brief outline of the responsibilities of an EcoRep, here is the EcoRep manual: EcoRep manual version 2.0 (PDF).

In your residence hall…

In addition to being a role model for environmental sustainability, EcoReps are responsible for making sure that the following facilities are present in their residence hall…


‘Black’ Landfill Bin: A clearly labeled Landfill bin for non-reusable, non-recyclable items.

‘Red’ Paper & Containers Bin: Because Bard uses Single Stream Recycling, all recyclable items may be placed in the red bin labeled ‘Paper & Containers’.

‘Green’ Composting Bin: Composting saves food waste from being sent to the landfill and, instead, allows for it to be reused on the Bard campus.  Composting in dorms is made easy with these small, green bins for all food waste that is not meat or dairy (no liquids).

‘Blue’ FreeUse Bin: Donate all your unwanted clothing, office materials, books, and miscellaneous items to FreeUse for other students to use and enjoy. 

‘Orange’ EcoRep Box: This bin is for unwanted electronic items (such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and old cellular phones), as well as batteries, ink cartridges, and plastic bags.  This is the only bin that the EcoRep is responsible for bringing to the BoS when needed.


For any recycling-related questions, visit: or speak with a current EcoRep.

Employment Opportunities

Want to do more?

Look for work-study positions on the Career Development Office website. BoS hires student to work in materials management (recycle yard, FreeUse), alternate transportation (pedicab peddlers, bike share coordinators, sustainability engagement), EcoRep managers, and more. But being an EcoRep for your dorm is the best place to start!

More Environment-Related Groups

The Bike Coop, Bard Bees, the Outdoors Club, Bard EATS, and more. There is also a Student Government elected position on the Bard Sustainability Council that needs to be filled by a sustainability-minded student each academic year.