The Bard Budget Office

The mission of the Budget Office at Bard College
is to devise and set forth a strategic and reliable financial plan that maintains and enhances academic quality, invests in essential services and facilities and supports the public service mission of the institution.

Planning Strategies

The annual operating budget is a statement of proposed expenditures for a particular fiscal year. The budget reflects campus programmatic initiatives and identifies the proposed sources of funds to finance programs, as well as the functional nature of the expenditures (for example, instruction, academic support, and student services). When approved by the Board of Trustees, this document is the College’s authorization to incur expenditures and to collect and apply the revenues to the appropriate activities. The Budget Office plans and forecasts the future needs of the College so that 1) on-going operations are adequately and appropriately resourced and 2) special projects and initiatives can be prioritized and integrated in the budget blueprint in a strategic fashion with respect to enrollment support, required physical plant needs and staffing and external funding participation.


The primary source for information and resources on fiscal matters is the Budget-Managers Toolbox, which is designed to streamline many routine financial management functions by creating a central repository of electronic forms and "how to" and policy information. Departmental budget holders will be directed to the Toolbox on a regular basis for account and budget updates and submittals.

Questions about budget management? Go to the FAQ page for quick answers or contact the Budget Office by e-mailing Laura Ramsey at or Jen Brown at

Contact Us

Questions about budget management can be directed to: Bard College
Budget Office

PO Box 5000
(30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
Location: Physical Plant
E-mail:  Laura Ramsey or Jen Brown

Note: The Controller's Office must approve all requests that deviate from the guidelines as stipulated in this website.