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Peer Counselors (PCs) are students who live alongside students and serve as leaders as well as resources for their residents. PCs are trained each year in topics such as: student development and transitions, listening and referral skills, recognizing students in distress, and community building. Each PC is required to present programming each semester on a variety of topics including social justice, independent living, fostering ownership, and active citizenship. They are supervised by the Area Coordinators (ACs) who are live in professional staff members. Together with the ACs, PCs also assist in the management of residence halls. For Bard students, the PC is the first point of contact in the Residence Hall. For parents, questions about Residential Life should be directed to the Professional Staff Area Coordinator (listed for each area below) or another member of the Residence Life and Housing team at 845-758-7455.
Are you interested in becoming a Peer Counselor?

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Counselor?

Students planning on applying for the Peer Counselor position for the 2018-19 academic year are required to attend an Information Sessions in order to receive an application. Info sessions will be announced in early October.
Central Campus

Central Campus

Area Coordinator:
Manuel Martinez

(845) 752-4003

Peer Counselors
Tonery R.
Justyn D.
Sam K.
Aileen L.
Hunter M.
Jules R.
Nathaniel C.
Mubasil B.
Adelina C.
Sarah S.
Carla S.
Rory M.
Hasani G.
Joy A.
Cruger Village

Cruger Village

Area Coordinator:
Hannah Jaegers

(845) 752-4001

Peer Counselors
Bari B.
Chris H.
Katrina G.
Ivan G.
Chase W.
Estrella F.
Rachael M.
Shila B.
Hang H.
Melissa Y.
Jaleel G.
Bel S. 
North Campus

North Campus

Area Coordinator:
Paola Castillo

(845) 752-4002

Peer Counselors
Alexus F.
Azlan M.
Vik J.
Evan T.
Alliyah W.
Zien H.
Jack E.
Jade W.
Jazlyn J.
Emily W.
Forrest W.
Mark W.
South Campus

South Campus

Area Coordinator:
Patrick Clarkson

(845) 752-2392

Peer Counselors 
Ava M.
José A.
Saúl A.
Thai S.
Armando D.
Paul D.
Lucy C.
Sophie L.
Lauren C.
Rahma A.
Artun A.
Alex B.
Casey W.
Maddie N.


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