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Peer Counselors

Peer Counselors (PCs) are students who live alongside students and serve as leaders as well as resources for their residents. PCs are trained each year in topics such as: student development and transitions, listening and referral skills, recognizing students in distress, and community building. Each PC is required to present eight community programs per semester on a variety of topics including social justice, independent living, fostering ownership, and active citizenship. They are supervised by the Area Coordinators (ACs) who are live in professional staff members. Together with the ACs, PCs also assist in the management of residence halls.

For Bard students, the PC is the first point of contact in the Residence Hall.  For parents, questions about Residential Life should be directed to the Professional Staff Area Coordinator (listed for each area below) or another member of the Residence Life and Housing team at 845-758-7455.

Central Campus

Amanda Dickinson Beirne , AC

Serena Caffrey (Hirsch)
Jordan Bodwell (Tremblay)
Anna Daniszewski (Potter/McVickar)
Imaani Easthausen (North/South Hoffman)
Sid Baral (South Hall)
Rushell Reid (Village A)
Tess Whitney (Village B & F)
Christiane Koffi (Village C)
Kim Sargeant (Village D & L)
Emily Conant (Village G)
Zelda May Bas (Village H & I)
Ainesh Madan (Village J & K)

Cruger Village

Jodi Andersen, AC

Jasper Katz (Cruger North)
Jesse Weiss(Cruger South)
Jonian Rafti (Keen North First Floor)
Morganne Sample (Keen North Second Floor)
Aleah Black (Keen South First Floor)
Matilda Tucker (Keen South Second Floor)
Ian McElfresh (Maple House)
Terrell James (Mulberry House)
Dana Miranda (Oberholzer First Floor)
Eric Arroyo (Oberholzer Second Floor)
Ismary Blanco (Spruce House)
Wesley Alexander (Sycamore House)

North Campus

Kolrick C. Greathouse, AC

Kedian Keohan (Catskill)
Alyssa Freeman (Catskill)
Carter VanDerbilt (Hudson)
Shireen Khan (Hudson)
Moraima Ortiz (Manor Annex)
Konstantin Rizos (Manor House)
TBA (Robbins First Floor)
Bella Mazzetti (Robbins Second Floor)
Bill Nguyen (Robbins Third Floor)
Durante Barringer (Robbins Addition First Floor)
Nicolai Eddy (Robbins Addition Second Floor)
Briana Ramsey-Tyler (Robbins Addition Third Floor)
Owen Duff (Robbins Addition Lower Level)
Emily Harris (Select Senior Housing, Robbins Addition)

South Campus

Kim Jackowitz, AC

Josh Corner (Bluecher)
Lauren Barnes (Bourne)
Leah Silverberg (Leonard)
Emily Brown (Obreshkove)
Abdullah Nasim (Rovere)
Sadiki Lewis (Rueger)
Min Shinn (Sands House)
Imani Jones (Shafer)
Gracie Brandmaier (Shelov/Honey)
Melissa VanFleteren (Steinway)
Gina Lewis (Tewksbury First Floor)
August Bair (Tewksbury Second Floor)
Michael Gray (Tewksbury Third Floor)
John Ohrenberger (Wolff)