Safety and Security

Bard College provides round-the-clock, year-round safety and security coverage. The Safety and Security Department consists of a director, an assistant director, and 15 officers. In addition, a professional dispatching staff coordinates all security communications. All safety and security officers are highly trained, registered New York State security personnel. Their main mission is to be a positive presence on campus and thus encourage the Bard community and its many visitors to follow the rules and guidelines established by the College.

Community Reporting

Bard is a place to care for each other.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep our community and each other safe.  If there is an emergency or urgent situation please contact security immediately at 845-758-7777.

If you have any concerns about a member of the Bard Community, have information regarding a potentially hazardous situation or policy violation, inclusive of vandalism and damages, we strongly encourage you to speak directly with one of the following:
Office of Safety & Security: (845-758-7460)
Residence Life and Housing: (845-758-7455)
Area Coordinator On Call Cell: (845-464-6041)
Center for Student Life & Advising: (845-758-7454)
Health & Counseling Services: (845-758-7433)
Office of Gender Equity: (845-758-7542)
Human Resources: (845-758-7428)
Buildings & Grounds: (845-758-7465)
Sexual Misconduct Hotline: (888-323-4198)

If you are uncomfortable or unable to report in person, you can submit an online report (below).  Online reporting can take 1-2 business days to process.  Additionally anonymous reporting is an option but will significantly limit the manner in which the college can respond to the concern brought forward. 

Our Mission

Bard College is a close-knit community that offers space and atmosphere for study, recreation, and reflection to members and neighbors.

The Bard College Safety and Security Department has taken steps to make the campus as safe as possible. It is unlikely that you will be a victim of a crime, but it is a possibility. No community is risk-free. Thefts, assaults, and other violations of the law sometimes occur. Most campus incidents can be avoided if students use common sense and recognize that they can become victims and then take basic precautions to reduce the risk of harm, such as walking with a friend during daytime and in groups at night; as well as keeping interior and exterior residence doors locked at all times.

The Department is available 24 hours a day to assist all members of the College community. It is service oriented, providing assistance and information to students daily, often successfully solving student problems without the need for intervention.

Our Role

The department helps to protect the Bard campus community from loss or damage to personal and college property. The department is responsible for maintaining public order and for enforcing campus regulations and policies.

Security also handles emergency medical transportation for the college community. All members of the department are trained in basic first aid and are supported by the Bard College Emergency Medical Services (BEMS).

In addition to patrolling buildings and grounds, Security is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and enforcement of parking and traffic regulations. It also investigates crimes, accidents and assorted complaints; transports sick or injured students; provides an escort service; and , maintains a lost and found. Items can be claimed at the Dispatcher's office any time during the day or evening. Lost items can be reported to Security 24 hours a day.

Students should lock their rooms and carry their room keys with them. Security will open a resident's door at any time for a $10.00 charge

Contacting Safety and Security

Dial x7460
Emergencies Only x7777

Director ext. 7300
Assistant Director ext. 7462
Community members should feel free to discuss security policy issues,
or any other concerns at any time, confidentiality assured.
Our Location
Old Gym, adjacent to Olin Humanities.
The Security Dispatcher's Office and the Patrol Office are located on the first floor.
Security functions 24 hours a day.