Bard Budget Plan (BBP)

The Bard Budget Plan allows student account payments for tuition, room, board, health insurance, and required fees to be made in 10 installments from June through the following March. The plan participant receives a statement each month. In order to maintain enrollment in the BBP, a participant's account must be kept current each month. The BBP is an alternative payment system. No tuition insurance, life insurance, or benefits are included.

How to Enroll

This page contains a Budget Plan worksheet and application that is used to determine the monthly payment. Use the semester charges given in the schedule of allowable expenses and the approved financial aid awards to complete the worksheet. If a student plans to use a scholarship or grant that is not listed in a Bard College financial aid awards letter, a letter of intent from the scholarship's sponsor must accompany the application.

Please Note: The completed application must be signed and mailed to the Office of Student Accounts along with the application fee.

Enrollment Fees

A $50 annual application fee covers administration of the plan, and is due this May. This once-a-year, nonrefundable fee must accompany the application; it is not reflected in the installment amount. Budget Plan applications will not be processed if the fee does not accompany the application.

Please remember that a participant who enrolls in the plan late, that is, during the month of July or thereafter, must submit a $65 application fee, any letters of intent, and the monthly installments that are due for payment.

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms
BBP payments are due by the date appearing on each monthly statement. All amounts billed on the student's current account statement that are not covered by the BBP or financial aid are also due and payable by the date appearing on the statement. The first BBP payment is due by June 20. Enrollments after May 31 will be accepted if an initial payment equal to the amount required to cover all missed payments is made at the time the application is filed. (i.e. Applications submitted in June must include payment for the June installment.) Expand for Terms and Conditions View additional terms and conditions

Financial Clearance

Students' accounts must be current and financially cleared prior to scheduled registration, room draw, and start-of-term dates. The financial clearance dates are noted on statements and letters sent both to parents or guardians and to students prior to the scheduled events. Accounts not financially cleared prior to these dates are subject to financial holds and late charges. We encourage you to call the Office of Student Accounts in advance of these dates to verify the financial clearance status of the account, in order to avoid unexpected complications.

Charges Not Financed through BBP

The following charges cannot be financed through the BBP, including the non-refundable enrollment deposit. The Language and Thinking Workshop meal charge, transfer orientation fee, security deposit, tuition insurance, and ID card fee should be paid separately, along with the June installment. The Citizen Science Workshop meal charge and materials fee should be paid separately, along with the November installment.
New students' fees, as follows:
Language and Thinking Workshop meal charge: $770
Citizen Science Workshop meal charge: $770
Citizen Science materials fee: $45
Transfer orientation fee: $100
Tuition Insurance $634
Security deposit: $225
ID card fee: $5

Payment Due Dates

Bard Budget Plan Payment Due Dates 2017–18 Academic Year
Monthly installment payments are due by the dates noted below:
For the Fall 2017 Semester: For the Spring 2018 Semester:
June 20
July 20
August 18
September 20
October 20
November 20, 2017
December 20, 2017
January 19, 2018
February 20, 2018
March 20, 2018

Contacting Bard Student Accounts

Bard College Office of Student Accounts
PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
Phone: 845-758-7520
Fax: 845-758-7125