Academics and Research in Sustainability

Academics and Research in Sustainability
Bard College strives to fully integrate environmental responsibility & sustainability into its academic programs and research endeavors. This incorporates everything from safe disposal practices in the lab, to an emphasis on academic programs that train the next generation of environmental leaders.

Academic Programs in Sustainability

  • Environmental & Urban Studies (EUS) Program
    undergraduate major

  • Bard Center for Environmental Policy
    graduate degrees and certificates

  • Bard MBA in Sustainability
    master of business administration in sustainability

Research in Sustainability

  • Green Fund
    BOS and the Sustainability Council provide mini-grants to faculty and staff who engage in sustainability research projects

  • Bard Senior Projects in Sustainability
    Senior projects that have sustainability components.

  • STARS Reporting for Education and Research:
    We have begun to evaluate the sustainability content of Bard classes and research endeavors.
    Education Report June 2011
    Research Report June 2011

  • Sustainability Literacy
    First-year students at Citizen Science take a yearly sustainability literacy assessment.