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Bard recycles all types of paper; glass, metal, and plastic containers; electronics; and more.
How We Recycle

How We Recycle

  • Paper & Containers —red-labeled bins—recycle all types of paper, including cereal boxes, pizza boxes, and juice cartons. Items need to be free of food residuals (no crusts or grease in pizza boxes). Paperclips, staples can go in the bin. Recycle all clean, empty containers made of glass, metal, and plastic. Flip your plastic container and look for the #s 1, 2, 4, 5 or 7. Paper and compostable cups and bowls (and most to-go containers) cannot be recycled and should go in the trash bin.  ReCommunity gets these materials - check out how they sort it all (their 7% 'residue' rate means they sort pretty well!).

  • Landfill (akaTrash)—black/gray containers—materials that can’t be reused, recycled, or composted go here (and on to the Ontario County Landfill 250 miles from Bard). The list of what has to go to the landfill gets smaller every year.
  • Plastic 'Wraps'—recycle plastic wraps and bags at Hannaford Supermarket in Red Hook. If you are in the residence halls and unable to get to Hannaford, find your EcoRep or look for an EcoBox by your recycling station. Another option is to send your collection to BOS via campus mail.
  • Computers and other electronics—we will recycle Bard equipment and equipment belonging to on-campus students and residents of faculty housing. If you live off campus or have personal items, view some suggestions here
  • Miscellaneous materials—something not listed here? Download the poster (below) or see Guidelines & Policies.