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Bard has a FreeUse store where we stock gently used clothing, dishes, and office supplies generated from other places on campus, and open when classes are in session. This service is for Bard faculty, staff, and students, as well as employees of Chartwells.


All items from your nearest recycling station's blue bin go to the FreeUse garage.
The basics:
  • Everything is free.
  • No furniture (tell Julie Myers if you have office furniture you no longer need).
  • Want us to keep our eye out for something? List it on the Google Doc.
  • Inquiries? E-mail
  • No off-campus items 

Take off-campus items to Kingston's Salvation Army or the Goodwill. (We're trying to reduce Bard's waste and don't have the staff to be Red Hook's Goodwill.)

Where? Kappa House Garage (across the Rugby field from Kline)
When? Open 9am-9pm, 7 days a week when regular classes are in session.
What we don't want:  underpants (bras ok), prescription medicine, broken glass (do we really have to say that?) and other things that are too torn or broken to be used

Note: Wash before you wear!