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Car Alternatives

You can be healthier, build community and prevent the release of 19 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gasoline you save by walking, biking, sharing a ride or riding the Bard shuttle.
Alternative Transportation
Zipcar at Bard. (Photo by Tania Barricklo, courtesy of the Daily Freeman.)

Alternative Transportation

  • Public Transportation—The Dutchess County Loop bus fills some of the gaps in the campus shuttle schedule. View the schedule and click on Route C.
  • Ride Share—Share a ride when you can. Use Bard Ride Share to find other people driving your way, and gain access to prime parking spots in Olin & Main parking lot.  You need a dashboard sign to use these spaces (get it from Security after you sign up).  You can also visit Bard's internal SPARC ride board
  • Car Share—With Zipcar on campus, it just got easier to live without a car. Need a car? Borrow a Zipcar! Zipcar brings self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area. To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or by phone, use your Zipcard to enter the car, and drive away. Return the car to the same location where you picked it up. The relationship is between you and Zipcar. Bard provides the parking space.