Telephone Services

About Bard Phone Numbers

There are three types of telephone numbers on the Bard Campus.

  • If your phone number extension begins with a 3, 6 or an 8, your number is an extension.
  • In order to reach an extension from off campus, the caller will be required to dial the main college number, 845-758-6822 and enter your four digit extension number.
  • Extensions which typically look like this: 845-758-6822  ext. XXXX.
DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
  • If your four digit number begins with a 7, you have been assigned a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number.
  • DID numbers can be reached from off-campus by dialing the number directly (845-758-7XXX).
752 Exchanges
  • If your four digit number begins with a 2, 4 or a 5, you have also been assigned a DID number. However, your exchange will be 752. So, an off campus caller will dial 845-752-XXXX to reach you directly.

Student Services

Contact Information

  • To report telephone troubles and/or requests, please create an online work order using the attached link.
  • To report internet troubles, please contact the Bard Helpdesk at x7500 or
  • Further questions should be directed to B&G x7465. Please be sure to leave all of the information necessary for a technician to thoroughly troubleshoot and correct the situation. (Name, Building, Room Number, Jack Number, and Problem or Issue)

General Use Details

  • There is no student dial tone in the dormitory rooms.
  • There are hall phones located on each floor of the dormitories.
  • Each hall phone allows for the capability to dial on-campus (4-digit) extensions, local calls and 800 numbers.
  • Local and 800 calls require that you dial 9 first
  • There is an emergency telephone on the exterior wall of each dormitory entrance.

Voice Mail

Quick Reference

To set up your voicemail for the first time:

  1. Dial x7600 and the default Pass Code of 1234.
  2. Then, follow the tutorial. If you have trouble, please place an On Line work order to have the voice mail box rebuilt for you.
How to check your voicemail from your office phone:
  1. Dial Voice Mail Ext. 7600
  2. When prompted enter your password

How to check your voicemail out of your office:

  1. Dial 845-758-7600; wait for the voice mail system to answer.
  2. When you hear the Greeting, Press 9 + your 4 digit mailbox number
  3. When prompted enter your password.

Helpful commands while listening to messages:

  • To Repeat the message: Press #
  • To Save a Message: Press 7
  • To Delete a Message: Press 6
  • To Skip a Message: Press 5
  • Reply to the Message: Press  4
  • Mark as New: Press  0
Forwarding your phone to voicemail:
There are three forwarding commands:
  • Calls to go to voicemail after four rings: Listen for dial tone and enter #7 and hang up. To forward to voice mail, enter *7 7600
  • Calls to go to voicemail when phone is busy: Listen for dial tone and enter #1 and hang up. To forward, enter *1 7600
  • All calls to go directly to voicemail: Listen for dial tone and enter #2 and hang up. To forward, enter *2 7600

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