Campus Life

With nearly one hundred clubs to choose from, Bard students enjoy all kinds of activities and projects on campus and off.
With nearly one hundred clubs to choose from, Bard students enjoy all kinds of activities and projects on campus and off.

Sample Student Clubs

  • Asian Student Organization
  • Bard Emergency Medical Services
  • Bard Free Press
  • Black Student Organization
  • Buddhist Meditation Group
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Darfur Action Campaign
  • Environmental Collective
  • Kosher/Halal Club
  • Latin American Students Organization
  • Model United Nations
  • Philosophy Discussion Group
  • Queer Straight Alliance
  • Students for a Free Tibet
  • Vinyl Preservation Society

Student Clubs & Organizations

All students are members of the Bard College Student Association, a democratic forum with three main functions: to raise issues and take action on those issues, or recommend action by the College; to provide student representation on administrative and faculty committees in all matters of concern to the College community; and to administer allocated funds for student-run organizations.

Student Government

Opportunities to serve include the Student Judiciary Committee, which enforces and protects the rights of all Bard students; Student Life Committee, which coordinates with the Dean of Student Affairs and Engagement staff, security personnel, and the food service provider to improve student services and residential life; Educational Policies Committee, which acts as liaison between students and faculty on academic issues; and Planning Committee, which allocates funds to student organizations. Students are represented at Board of Trustees and Board of Governors meetings.

Student Clubs

Students choose from nearly one hundred active clubs on campus, ranging in subject from astronomy to tango. Any student can start a club, including first-year students, and new clubs begin every semester. Bard does not have a Greek system; there are no fraternities or sororities on campus.

Student-Led Projects

Bard encourages all students to be active citizens and give back to the community—in the Hudson Valley and beyond. The Center for Civic Engagement provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved, including the Trustee Leader Scholar Program (TLS). TLS students propose, design, and implement civic engagement projects based on their own passionate interests. The Center for Civic Engagement also assists students in organizing campus projects, and finding internships and fellowships in the public interest.