Student Services


The chaplaincy at Bard is committed to helping students, staff, and faculty explore and develop their spiritual identities. The College belongs to the Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion, but that membership does not limit the scope of religious interests. At Bard, the diverse perspectives of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism are not only studied, but practiced.

The chaplaincy has on staff two Episcopal priests, a Catholic priest, an imam, and a rabbi. All are available for pastoral care with students, staff, and faculty. The clergy offer study on a formal and informal basis. The chaplaincy supports and advises the Jewish Students Organization, Muslim Students Organization, Christian Fellowship, Buddhist Meditation group, Sanskrit group, and Catholic community. It helps these students organize and celebrate regular holy observances and develops programming for the campus at large. Worship services for the various faith traditions take place weekly. The chaplaincy also coordinates and participates in a series of ecumenical events during the school year.