Student Services

Student Counseling Service

The Student Counseling Service is staffed by clinical social workers, a psychologist, two consulting psychiatrists, and a consulting nutritionist. Staff members provide short-term, problem-focused treatment; crisis intervention; and referrals to local physicians, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. Appointments with the counseling service are on a first-come, first-served basis. The staff may make off-campus referrals for any students who cannot be accommodated during the course of the semester. Incoming students who are currently taking medications for an emotional condition, mood stabilization, or attention deficit disorder should make arrangements to have the medication monitored by the prescribing physician at home or should transfer their care to an off-campus physician in the Bard area. Likewise, students who have been in psychotherapy and anticipate continuing long-term therapy while at college should seek such care off campus; the counseling service can provide a list of psychiatrists and/or psychotherapists in the area. A student who is seeing an off-campus therapist is responsible for all arrangements, including appointments, transportation, and fees. The College health insurance policy provides limited coverage for psychotherapy with some private, off-campus clinicians.