Student Services

Student Government and Clubs

All students are members of the Bard College Student Association, a democratic forum with three main functions: to raise issues and take action on those issues or recommend action by the College, to provide student representation on administrative and faculty committees in all matters of concern to the College community, and to administer allocated funds for student-run organizations.

The Educational Policies Committee of the Student Association makes recommendations to appropriate faculty committees and to the dean of the college. The association’s Student Judiciary Board deals with violations of the College’s regulations regarding behavior. The Student Life Committee meets with the staff of the Dean of Students Office, College administrators, health services personnel, and other student services offices in order to obtain information and represent the Student Association in all policies that concern student life. Two major administrative and faculty committees on which student representatives serve are the College Grievance Committee and the Committee on Vacancies. Two students are elected by other students to represent them at Board of Trustees and Board of Governors meetings.

The Student Association Planning Committee is directly responsible for the allocation and disbursement of student activity fees. A large portion of the funds goes to the Entertainment Committee, which provides extracurricular campus events such as concerts and other musical activities. The Planning Committee also allocates funds to about 90 clubs and organizations, such as the Asian American Students Organization, Bard Film Committee, Bard Free Press, Bard Musical Theater Company, Black Students Organization, Latin American Students Organization, Queer Straight Alliance, WXBC radio station, and several magazines of literature and criticism. Students form new clubs every semester, depending on interest. A full listing of clubs on campus can be found here.