Bard College Catalogue

The Bard College Catalogue contains detailed descriptions of the College's undergraduate programs and courses, curriculum, admission and financial aid procedures, student activities and services, history, campus facilities, affiliated institutions including graduate programs, and faculty and administration.

Bard College Catalogue 2017-18

Bard College Catalogue 2017-18


Executive Administration

Office of the President

  • Leon Botstein, President
  • Taun Toay ’05, Vice President for Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives
  • Robert Martin, Vice President for Policy and Planning
  • Max Kenner ‘01, Vice President for Institutional Initiatives
  • Myra Young Armstead, Vice President for Academic Inclusive Excellence
  • Susan Gillespie, Vice President for Special Global Initiatives
  • Stephen Tremaine ‘07, Vice President for Early Colleges
  • Malia K. Du Mont ’95, Chief of Staff
  • Irene Zedlacher, Executive Director, Bard Music Festival; Managing Editor, Musical Quarterly
  • Amie McEvoy, Assistant to the President
  • AnneMarie Bemis, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Saidee Brown, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Patricia Pontecorvo, Executive Assistant to the President

Office of the Executive Vice President

  • Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Executive Vice President
  • Deborah C. Treadway, Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration; Chief Financial Officer

  • James Brudvig, Vice President for Finance and Administration; Chief Financial Officer
  • Coleen Murphy Alexander ’00, Vice President for Administration
  • Kevin Parker, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Mark D. Halsey, Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Kimberly Alexander,Director of Human Resources
  • Laura Ramsey,Controller
  • Joseph Ahern, Risk Manager
  • Amy Husten, Managing Director of Montgomery Place
  • Shoshana Gray, Title IX Administrator
  • Bella Mazzetti ‘15, Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Program Educator
  • Linda Morgan, Clery Compliance Consultant
  • Tamara Stafford, Program Administrator for International Scholar Services
  • Deanna Cochran, Special Projects Director
  • Theresa Desmond ’98, Staff Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Academic Administration

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Jonathan Becker, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Director, Center for Civic Engagement
  • David Shein, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of Studies
  • Peg Peoples, Associate Vice President for Education Initiatives; Director, Institute for Writing and Thinking
  • James P. Ketterer, Dean of International Studies; Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
  • Ariana Stokas, Dean of Inclusive Excellence
  • John Weinstein, Dean of the Bard High School Early Colleges
  • Jennifer Murray, Director of the Institute for International Liberal Education
  • Aileen Hanel, Director of International Partnerships and Programs
  • Erica Kaufman, Director of Faculty and Curricular Development, Institute for Writing and Thinking
  • Celia Bland, Associate Director of the Institute for Writing and Thinking
  • Elizabeth Whalen, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies

  • Norton Batkin, Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Janet Stetson, Director of Graduate Admission
  • Marie Balogh, Administrative Assistant

Office of the Dean of the College

  • S. Rebecca Thomas, Dean of the College
  • Deirdre d’Albertis, Associate Dean of the College
  • Amy Savage, Associate Dean for Educational Assessment
  • Peter Gadsby, Associate Vice President for Enrollment; Registrar
  • Diane Smith, Associate Registrar
  • Mary Grace Williams,Chaplain of the College; Dean of Community Life
  • William Dixon, Director of the Language and Thinking Program
  • Mary C. Krembs, Acting Director of Citizen Science
  • Thomas Keenan, Director of the Human Rights Project
  • Ann Seaton, Director of Difference and Media Project; Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Sue Elvin-Cooper, Faculty Grants Officer
  • Rachel Price, Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College
  • Nicole van Zutphen, Functional Analyst
Office of Admission
  • Mackie Siebens ’12, Director of Admission
  • Frank Corliss, Director of Conservatory Admission
  • Mary Backlund, Senior Adviser
  • Kate Hardy, Senior Associate Director of Admission
  • Greg Armbruster, Senior Associate Director of Admission; Director, Transfer Admission
  • Angela Kozlakowski, Director of Admission Communications
  • Joanna Baker, Director of Admission Information Technology
  • Kathy McManus, Director of Operations and Campus Tours
  • Bonnie Marcus ’71, Senior Associate Director of Admission; Midwest Coordinator
  • Fu Chen Chan, Associate Director of Admission and Student Affairs (Asia)
  • Shawn Moore, Chief East Asia Admission Associate
Office of Student Affairs
  • Erin Cannan, Vice President for Student Affairs; Dean of Civic Engagement
  • Bethany Nohlgren, Dean of Students
  • Paul Marienthal, Dean for Social Action; Director, Trustee Leader Scholar Program
  • Julie Duffstein, Associate Dean of Students; Director, Student Activities and Campus Center
  • Camilia Jones, Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement
  • Timand Bates ’02, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Kevin Dean, Assistant Dean of Students; Director, First-Year Experience
  • Darnell Pierce, Director of Residence Life
  • Nancy W. Smith, Director of Housing; Coordinator, Summer Facilities
  • Dominique Waldron, Associate Director of Student Activities

Center for Student Life and Advising

  • David Shein, Dean of Studies
  • Bethany Nohlgren, Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Triplett, Director of Academic Advising
  • Manishkamala Kalupahana ’07, International Student Adviser
  • Kaet Heupel, Assistant Dean of Studies
  • Timand Bates ‘02, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Kevin Dean, Assistant Dean of Students; Director, First-Year Experience
  • Dorothy Albertini ’02, Academic Advising Associate
  • Carol Werner, Office Manager
       * * *

Athletics and Recreation
  • Kristen Hall, Director
  • Jim Sheahan, Director of Athletics Communications and Marketing
  • Bill Kelly, Director of Athletic Recruiting
  • Jamie Hooper, Athletics Business Manager
Buildings and Grounds
  • Randy Clum, Director
  • Audrey Smith, Business Manager
  • Ryan Potter, Grounds Manager

Career Development

  • Elisabeth Giglio, Director
  • Sarah Drabick, Assistant Director
  • Maureen Aurigemma, Career Adviser

Center for Civic Engagement

  • Jonathan Becker, Director
  • Erin Cannan, Dean of Civic Engagement
  • Paul Marienthal, Dean for Social Action; Director, Trustee Leader Scholar Program
  • Camilia Jones, Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement
  • Bonnie Goad, Development Manager
  • Lisa Whalen, Executive Assistant to the Director


  • Mary Grace Williams, Chaplain of the College
  • David Nelson, Jewish Chaplain
  • Tatjana Myoko von Prittwitz und Gaffron, Buddhist Chaplain
Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
  • Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
  • Jane Brien ’89, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs
  • Sasha Boak-Kelly, Director of Development
  • Hillary Henderson, Director of the Bard College Fund
  • Catherine Susser Luigi, Development Officer
  • Karen Unger, Assistant Vice President, Office of Institutional Support
  • E. Scott Osborne, Executive Director of Development for Parent Programs
  • Mary Strieder, Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Educational Opportunity Programs

  • Jane Duffstein, Director
  • Claudette Aldebot, Assistant Director

Environmental Services

  • Michael Bemis, Director
  • Brian Kiel, Manager
  • Julie K. Myers, Supervisor
Financial Aid/Student Accounts
  • Denise Ann Ackerman, Director
  • Gwen Menshenfriend, Bursar
Health and Counseling
  • Barbara Jean Briskey, Director, Health Services
  • Tamara Telberg, Director, Counseling Services
  • Rebecca Nidorf, Director, BRAVE

Human Resources

  • Kimberly Alexander, Director
  • Janet Algiere, Assistant Director
  • Betty Rodriguez, Human Resources Generalist
  • Renai Smith, Benefits Manager

Information Services

  • David Brangaitis, Chief Information Officer
  • Michael Tompkins, Director of Management Information Systems

Learning Commons

  • Jim Keller, Director
  • Jane Smith, Assistant Director
  • Maria Belk, Director of Quantitative Literacy
  • Amy Shein, Disability Support Coordinator
  • Denise Minin, ESL Coordinator


  • Betsy Cawley, Instruction, Reference, and Technology Librarian
  • Susan Decker-Herman, Acquisitions Librarian
  • Kate Laing, Digital Resources/Reference Librarian
  • Jeremiah Hall, Digital Technologies Development Librarian
  • Alexa Murphy, Interlibrary Resource Sharing Librarian
  • Helene Tieger ’85, College Archivist


  • Mary Smith, Director
  • Diane Rosasco, Production Manager
  • Cynthia Werthamer, Editorial Director

Public Relations

  • Mark Primoff, Associate Vice President of Communications
  • Eleanor Davis, Director
  • Darren O’Sullivan, Senior Associate

Safety and Security

  • Ken Cooper, Director
  • Don Lown, Associate Director


  • Laurie Husted, Sustainability Manager
  • Dan Smith, Energy Efficiency Coordinator
  • Katrina Light, Director of Food Sustainability

The Bard College Conservatory of Music

  • Robert Martin, Director
  • Frank Corliss, Associate Director; Director, Conservatory Admission; Director, Postgraduate Collaborative Piano Fellowship
  • Eileen Brickner, Dean of Students
  • Ann Gabler, Concert Office Coordinator
  • Patricia Reed, Communication and Special Projects Coordinator
  • Lisa Hedges, Production Coordinator
  • Kristin Roca, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Ryan Kamm, Codirector of Preparatory Division
  • Susanne Son, Codirector of Preparatory Division
  • Katherine Maysek, Admission Counselor
  • Hsiao-Fang Lin, Administrative Assistant

Graduate Conducting Program

  • James Bagwell, Leon Botstein, and Harold Farberman, Codirectors

Graduate Vocal Arts Program

  • Dawn Upshaw, Artistic Director
  • Kayo Iwama, Associate Director

Graduate Programs

Bard Center for Environmental Policy
  • Eban Goodstein, Director
  • Katie Boyle BCEP ’07, Director of Enrollment and Marketing
  • Josephine French, Program Administrator and Assistant to the Director
  • Caitlin O’Donnell, Graduate Admissions Assistant

Bard College Conservatory of Music

See Graduate Conducting Program and Graduate Vocal Arts Program under Bard College Conservatory of Music above.

Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture

  • Susan Weber, Director and Founder
  • Tim Ettenheim, Chief Operating Officer
  • Peter Miller, Dean
  • Samantha Baron, Director of Administration
  • Rita Niyazova, Director of Finance
  • Keith Condon, Director of Student Affairs and Services

Bard MBA in Sustainability

  • Eban Goodstein, Director 
  • Katie Boyle BCEP ’07, Director for Enrollment and Marketing
  • Tara Loschiavo, Program Associate

Center for Curatorial Studies

  • Tom Eccles, Executive Director
  • Loaren Cornell, Director of Graduate Program and Chief Curator, Hessel Museum of Art
  • Tracy Pollock, Director of Administration and Development
  • Ann E. Butler, Director of Library and Archives
  • Marcia Acita, Director of Exhibitions and Operations
  • Ramona Rosenberg, Director of External Affairs
  • Andrew Blackley, Director of Collections Research

International Center of Photography–Bard Program in Advanced Photographic Studies

  • Nayland Blake ’82, Chair

Levy Economics Institute Master of Science in Economic Theory and Policy

  • Jan Kregel, Director 
  • Kathleen Mullaly, Program Coordinator
  • Martha Tepepa, Graduate Recruiter

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

  • Derek Furr, Director, Annandale Program
  • Stephen Mucher, Director, California Program
  • Cecilia Maple ’01, Assistant Director for Admission and Student Affairs

Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts

  • Arthur Gibbons, Director
  • Lawre Stone MFA ‘89, Program Manager/ Finances and Faculty Affairs
  • Elizabeth Marshall, Program Coordinator

The Orchestra Now

  • Lynne Meloccaro, Executive Director
  • Leon Botstein, Music Director
  • Zachary Schwartzman, Resident Conductor
  • Oliver Inteeworn, Managing Director
  • Nicole M. de Jesús, Director of Development
  • Brian J. Heck, Director of Marketing
  • Marielle Metivier, Orchestra Manager

Affiliated Programs and Institutes

Bard College Berlin: A Liberal Arts University

  • Florian Becker, Managing Director
  • Catherine Toal, Dean of the College

Bard College at Simons Rock: The Early College

  • Ian Bickford, Provost; Vice President, Bard College
  • M. Leslie Davidson, Dean of the College
  • Patricia Sharpe, Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Sue Lyon, Dean of Bard Academy and Academic Engagement
  • Robert Graves, Dean of Campus Life
  • Chandra Joos DeKoven, Dean of Admission
  • Kimberly Rock, Director of Marketing and Communication
  • Heidi Root, Registrar

Bard Early Colleges

  • Stephen Tremaine ‘07, Vice President for Early Colleges
  • Clara Haskell Botstein, Associate Vice President for Early Colleges
  • John Weinstein, Dean of Early Colleges; Principal, BHSEC Newark
  • Francesca Gamber, Principal of BHSEC Baltimore
  • Michael Lerner, Principal of BHSEC Manhattan
  • Valeri Thomson ‘85, Principal of BHSEC Queens
  • Dumaine Williams ‘03, Principal of BHSEC Cleveland
  • Nicole Young, Executive Director of Bard Early College in New Orleans
  • Vanessa Anderson, Academic Director of Bard Early College at the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy
  • Shawn Moore, Director of Bard Early College–Houde Academy
  • Michael Sadowski, Director of Bard in Hudson Civic Academy
  • Darien Nolin, Finance Manager
  • Brian Mateo, Special Assistant for Admission and Early College Outreach
Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
  • James P. Ketterer, Director
  • Rachel Meyer ’06,  Deputy Director
  • Anna Seidner, Director of Student Affairs
  • Bryan Billings, Director of Global Outreach

Bard Prison Initiative

  • Max Kenner ’01, Executive Director
  • Daniel Karpowitz, Director of Policy and Academics
  • Megan Callaghan, Director of College Operations
  • Laura Liebman, Director of Development
  • Linda Steubesand, Program Associate

Center for Moving Image Arts

  • Richard Suchenski, Director

Clemente Course in the Humanities

  • Marina van Zuylen, Director

Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities

  • Roger Berkowitz, Academic Director
  • Tina Stanton, Operations Director
  • Daniel Fiege, Media Coordinator

Institute for International Liberal Education

  • Susan H. Gillespie, Founding Director; Vice President for Global Initiatives 
  • Jennifer Murray, Director
  • Trish Fleming, Study Abroad Adviser
  • Gillian Brundrett, Assistant to the Director and Financial Coordinator

Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

  • Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, President
  • Taun Toay ’05, Managing Director
  • Jan Kregel, Director of Research
  • Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
  • Mark Primoff, Associate Vice President of Communications
  • Mary Smith, Director of Publications
  • Michael Stephens, Senior Editor and Policy Fellow
  • Willis C. Walker, Librarian
  • Deborah C. Treadway, Assistant to the President
  • Elizabeth Dunn, Administrative and Editorial Assistant
  • Kathleen Mullaly, Conference Coordinator and Administrative Assistant 

Longy School of Music of Bard College

  • Karen Zorn, President
  • Ann Welch, Chief Operating Officer
  • Wayman Chin, Dean of the Conservatory
  • Sue Pekock, Director of Development

The Bard Center

  • Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Executive Director
  • Deborah C. Treadway, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Amie McEvoy, Manager of Music Programs

Bard Music Festival

  • Leon Botstein, Christopher H. Gibbs, and Robert Martin, Artistic Directors
  • Irene Zedlacher, Executive Director
  • Raissa St. Pierre ’87, Associate Director


  • Bradford Morrow, Editor
  • Micaela Morrissette ’02, Managing Editor

Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series

  • Sven Anderson, Mark D. Halsey, and Felicia Keesing, Directors

Institute for Writing and Thinking

  • Peg Peoples, Director
  • Erica Kaufman, Director of Faculty and Curricular Development
  • Celia Bland, Associate Director
  • Olesia Guran, Business Coordinator
  • Maria Bedo, Program Associate

Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts

  • Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
  • Mark Primoff, Associate Vice President of Communications
  • Eleanor Davis, Director of Public Relations
  • Mary Smith, Director of Publications
  • Bob Bursey, Executive Director
  • Gideon Lester, Artistic Director for Theater and Dance
  • Caleb Hammons, Senior Producer
  • Jesse Heffler, Assistant Producer
  • Jeannie Schneider, Business Manager
  • Kieley Michasiow-Levy, Individual Giving Manager
  • Zia Morter ‘12, Assistant Director of Development and Partnerships
  • Vincent Roca, Production Manager
  • David Steffen, Audience and Member Services Director
  • Emily Gildea, Audience and Member Services Manager
  • Nicholas Reilingh, Database and Systems Manager
  • Hellena Schiavo, Assistant Production Manager
  • Mark Crittenden, Facilities Manager
  • Ray Stegner, Building Operations Manager