Bard College Catalogue

The Bard College Catalogue contains detailed descriptions of the College's undergraduate programs and courses, curriculum, admission and financial aid procedures, student activities and services, history, campus facilities, affiliated institutions including graduate programs, and faculty and administration.

Bard College Catalogue 2017-18

Bard College Catalogue 2017-18


Bard’s philosophy is that colleges can and should play a broad role in education; for this reason, Bard operates or partners with high schools and graduate schools nationally and internationally. Many Bard College undergraduate students began at Bard Early Colleges, or pursue a master’s degree through Bard in conjunction with or after completing their bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, Bard has developed a number of initiatives in cooperation with the public, nonprofit, and private sectors to address the educational needs of underserved communities, including the Hudson Valley. These programs range from a much lauded college-in-prison initiative to lectures on campus for adults of retirement age and professional development programs for secondary and postsecondary teachers. Internationally, Bard has partnered with institutions in emerging democracies to provide innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to education and new methods of teaching rooted in the values of liberal education.